Everything Wrong With Venom In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Venom In 16 Minutes Or Less

Venom made a TON of money. And it has lots of fans and lots of haters. We just watched it for sins, and found plenty.

Next week: scary sins and rom-com sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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86 Responses

  1. ll PISTOLA ll says:

    Tom Hardy was this movie’s saving grace

  2. yakumoishere says:

    No sin for lady venom making an appearance for no reason and explicitly breaking one of the rules already set for the plot? Or how shitty the pacing was for the relationship between Eddie and his ex throughout the whole movie?

    • That Guy says:

      Tbf the scientists thought that the person had to be specific match to each person.
      I really think that it was the human had to health and not fight the symbiot.

      But yeah it did kind of throw me off when the scientists said it had to be a specific match. Then all main characters had symbiots.

    • Caedis -6 says:

      The entire film had weird pacing

    • Jakebutts55 says:

      She-venom made an appearance to get the venom symbiote to Eddie moron

    • Jacob Staten says:

      The symbiotes can hitch a ride without killing the host if they leave quickly, so it’s not a plot hole.

    • marquez brady says:

      Vincent Beers Vincent Beers Vincent you’re the only moron here ironically hahaa! Dude you get nothing and try to put on a facade to appear intelligent. You’re ignorant my dude. This channel isn’t for people like you obviously so why make it seem like they are trying to appeal to you? It’s for the people who get that they makes jokes about movies we all like just to be a asswhole. Also your point about spoiling the movie for people is invalid asf because with 5.5 million subs or more, we obviously aren’t new here so we willingly here to watch the “critique”. I’m short you’re jealous some channel is profiting off of comedic responses to movies because you can’t due to not being funny. Listen man we get it you have no sense of humor or awareness. But take your brainless ass somewhere else where they care about weak ass arguments

  3. UMLOTH says:

    You sinned almost everything, but you didnt sin Venom changing his mind out of nowhere?? The last thing eddy said to him was ” Look at you now huh, now you’re dying too ” and Venom just forgot that??


      Can we even safely assume that Venom has any thought process when he is without a host? I’m pretty sure during that time his actions are based on survival instincts not Venom’s intellect therefore how do we know he has any awareness in that state?

    • bryan diaz varela says:

      That’s why he needs to bond, his inteligence is matched by his host.
      The smarter the host, the smarter the symbiote.

    • kdandsheela says:

      Where in the world was the character development of Venom of him gradually realizing he likes earth and Eddie!? I want my properly paced character arches, dammit!

    • That Guy says:

      +kdandsheela Both Eddie and Venom are losers in their world’s. Venom can be a god on Earth so why not stay and rule it like a king and Eddie can not be a loser. It’s a bit of a stretch that venom doesn’t just find some body that also wants to take over and rule like he does. But at the same time why not stay with Eddie till you find someone that you like better.

    • Jocept seed says:

      U r right

  4. viddergrapho says:

    You: Malaysianese…
    Me: That’s racist *ding*

  5. Captain Suspense says:

    Is no one going to say anything bout how Drake didn’t even answer the girl’s question?

    • peyton hendricks says:

      Captain Suspense before he leaves, he tells the kids to ask the other scientist that was walking with them questions because he had to leave

    • Anon _001 says:

      +peyton hendricks guy would rather give an inspired monologue about curiosity than answer the damn girls question though

    • peyton hendricks says:

      Anon _001 dude I’m just letting the person above know. I didn’t say he was a super good person for leaving

    • Petreu says:

      +Anon _001 guy would rather avoid any question that might put him in a bad light…

  6. the Yangsta says:

    3:09… anyone else catch the fact that she doesnt even ask the question and he just walks off. So baddd

    • Jett Bolen says:

      This is the part that bothered me the entire movie. As soon as I noticed it I talked about it all night to the friend I was with

    • peyton hendricks says:

      Before he leaves, he tells the kids to ask the other scientist that was walking with them questions because he had to go

    • SemperVII says:

      Wasn’t that the point? He’s putting on an act for PR, he doesn’t actually care about the kids.

    • Petreu says:

      I think it’s obvious he DIDN’T actually wanted to answer any question, lol. Why so bad ? Just because you don’t understand it ? Ok.

    • Kurtis Deakin says:

      +peyton hendricks yeah but THAT scientist follows him too lol

  7. LardjAR-14/wingedzombie909 says:

    I liked this movie, it’s just the pacing made me want to jump off a comically high cliff

    • Summer Tan says:

      so true, its like they went slooooooooooooowwwww on the intros of characters and all and then BOOM CRASH BANG DIE KILL FLY CLIMB ZOOM SHE VENOM HE VENOM RIOT FIRE

  8. Stephen Alvear says:

    RIP old cinemasins….. This scene does not contain a lap dance for Lady Venom….

  9. soyon manlai says:

    SAY: “WE ARE VENOM!:” by Venom 2018.

  10. Whimmery says:

    Skipped the whole She-Venom. A sin for a CinemaSins

  11. Jay Garrick says:

    To be fair, Venom was a cliché-plotted, terrible movie, but somehow, that made me love it so much more.

    • Katsu Zatoichi says:

      I agree with you, quite charming and entertaining, these kind of stories are meant for young teens not yet learned there is something called cliche

    • Penny says:

      It’s not a good movie by any means but it could have been a lot of worse.

    • Phazz says:

      While watching I recognized it was sort of a bad movie, but I still enjoyed it a lot. It’s just pretty generic popcorn-cinema with a neat anti-hero.
      Wasn’t long enough to be boring, had a nice premise and was somewhat interesting. I don’t disagree with the sins, but if someone wanted to have a movie night and this movie was one of them, I’d watch it again.

    • TitanPrime 1314 says:

      I guess cause we all really wanted to see venom done the proper way on big screen.

    • Zandaroos says:

      Venom was campy, nothing wrong with that

  12. Diggy22 says:

    No sin for Venom dog or that Lady Venom kiss? You’re slipping, CinemaSins

  13. HUNTER says:

    ” *you come here again preying on loyal marvel fans and we will find you and eat both your arms and then both of your legs and then we will eat your face right off your head do you understand? so you will be this armless legless faceless thing will you? rolling down the street like a turd in the wind do you feel me?* “

  14. Samantha Lizotte says:

    out of everything you didn’t sin the weird transfer of venom kiss

  15. Buzz The Buzzard says:

    I don’t understand the Sin of *”it happens to him because he is the main character”*
    The truth is that *”he is the main character because that stuff happened to him”*

    • Lilith Henry says:

      That’s usually true for an inciting incident, but for multiple implausible things to continue to happen makes it less natural and more contrived.

    • Buzz The Buzzard says:

      Agreed but in the context of this movie that Sin just doesn’t fly, most of the things that happen to Brock are because of Venom so it’s cause and effect.

    • 999SickBoy666 says:

      +Buzz The Buzzard I wish. But stuff like “his girlfriend just happens to have _everything_ he needs to know about the bad guys on her laptop” or “the one homeless persone he knows just happens to ends up in the bad guys’ lab” are _not_ because of Venom but, at the same time, _are_ angular to the plot: without that stuff the movie doesn’t happen.

    • Electro Shock says:

      +999SickBoy666 i think that only ”the one homeless person he knows just happens to end up in the bad guys lab” is invalid. like buzz said, the reason he is he main character IS because the girlfriend had all that info. someone should have it, and they normally would be in a relashionship, so his/her girl/boyfriend could manage to get that info.

    • mr anderson says:

      Cinama sins is SHIT and every1 of his cids is rush crap w mutliple sins for no reason…

  16. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

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  17. Kevin Clapson says:

    Now now, let’s not blame Marvel for Sony’s nonsense.

  18. Renato Corvaro says:

    I feel like there’s a lot that could have been done with this movie that was missed. And that’s the worst sin.

  19. Mr old boy 2005 says:

    The symbiotes know english because they read your mind and gain their memories, that’s how Venom and the other symbiotes know english.

    • Phazz says:

      Who even says it’s really English? The voice in your head isn’t always a recognizable language. Sometimes it’s just pictures or ideas, sometimes I think about shit and can’t remember if it was in English or German.
      Shit just mingles into one in your head. Only when it comes to conveying those thoughts, you start to use a specific language. Or at least that’s how I’d see it.

    • MrGrandTheftAutox says:

      +Phazz are you honestly this retarded?

    • White-Van Helsing says:

      +Phazz He comes out of his body and moves his sexyass lips to Eddie

    • xXMairusuXx says:

      +MrGrandTheftAutox reads like they’re just bilingual

  20. Yikes says:

    This movie was criticised a lot and reviewed shittily but I still really like it tbh, was just a chill movie

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