Everything Wrong With WALL-E in 12 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With WALL-E in 12 Minutes Or Less

Well, this is one of our favorite Pixar movies ever, but it still has sins.

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Next week: Pretty recent action sins and some older not-recent family-adventure sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. Savanna2006 says:

    7:50 and why doesn’t EVE go into standby mode once she has the plant back?

    But damn I love this film.

  2. Ryla Marie says:

    Everything wrong with black mass!

  3. zhrk. says:

    MUST do Furious 7…

  4. Lolkick1000 says:

    I was waiting for this

  5. dannybob42 says:

    I can’t believe you’re Sinning Wall-E, this film is perfect!
    Amendment -1: He cannibalises off of other Wall-Es, which leads to
    Sin -1.5 Cannibalism in a Kids Film
    Amendment 0: Well they are trying to sell to people the benefits of
    evacuating Earth
    How did you not remove a Sin or 3 for the absolute feels of having Wall-E
    hold his own hands!?
    Sin 8.5 Why is a plant in a Fridge?
    Amendment 13 Because Movie! But I think Wall-E’s interest at this point is
    that it’s the first living thing on this Planet and looks nice, also, all
    romances begin with Physical Attraction
    Amendment 16 the Planet is supposed to be uninhabited, it’s safe to treat
    anything living on this Earth as potentially hostile
    Amendment 34 have you seen the humans that made these things? Of course
    they’re likely to be half assed XD
    Amendment 38 Depends how long Humanity’s been in this state, also if
    they’re so bound to their hoverchairs how do they ‘ahem’ continue the Human
    Species?…Never mind that’s Sin 39 XD
    No Sin Removal for Sigourney Weaver being the Big Voice?
    Amendment 39 we do get a point where we see that the Humans have become so
    unaware of their surroundings they forgot they even had a pool
    Amendment 41 It knows it’s gonna be seen as a false alarm, but AUTO still
    has to act like the guy’s the Captain
    Amendment 47 because one is armed?
    Amendment 49 the control panel shuts the pod door
    Amendment 55 you commended the ad’s satire on them embracing the fact that
    everyone is lazy and fat but then you wonder why the ad’s don’t comment on
    things that’d make them fit or leave their chairs?
    Amendment 67 do we know it has more than one?
    Really? Nothing for using Also Sprach Zarathustra?
    Amendment/Replacement 77 *Robot Kiss! You just said this is Disney remember?

    Well, I guess 79 is kinda low enough ¬_¬

  6. Meo AgCat says:

    Easy: the robots help the humans sex each other to ensure the survival of
    the species. They probably have special robots built for that.

  7. CS:BROS M&A says:


  8. Sweet68Camaro says:

    The little mermaid song at the the end was spot on!! And was that the music
    from the arcade game dig-dug??

  9. Sweet68Camaro says:

    You should sin the Sylvester Stallone movie Daylight. 

  10. Lucas Robinson says:

    I’ve never really had this when I have been watching a CinemaSins video,
    but for once I was actually finding reasons to argue against most of the
    sins in the video. I guess I just love the film way too much. Eh, I was
    pretty happy with all the minus sins, though. Just hoping that Up is the
    next Pixar film to be given the CinemaSins treatment!

  11. Kevin Pakkala says:

    This one was pretty good. All the way to the end. Like, even the extra
    stuff along with that book. Now i wanna read this book.

  12. Natboy129 says:

    How is it sexist that he fell in love based on looks? Dont most
    relationships start off with or require some sort of physical attraction?
    Plus, robots. No sexes. You could argue about genders but the same logic
    applies, theyre robots.

  13. Bacxaber says:

    8:40 It’s because Wall-E malfunctioned centuries ago, allowing him to
    become an AI. Granted, he’s the sole reason Earth is uninhabitable. His
    hoarding hasn’t helped the junk problem one bit.

  14. BozPictures says:

    Didn’t realize love at first sight was sexist. Thank you for opening my

  15. Jessica may says:

    I love this movie. ??

  16. Shy Guy says:

    do the godfather please

  17. cheatsykoopa98 says:

    they kinda explain somewhere the humans on axiom are cloning themselves
    since they can’t get laid

  18. O81 TR1C3 says:

    At first I was seriously?? how could you hate WALL-E but you took off sins
    that made this movie so great. Well done sir.
    Plus the last sin should not be one since it deals with Toy Story 3. Sin
    Counter: 78

  19. Jacob G-man says:


  20. ___ JmortL says:

    never realized how heart breaking and good this movie is