Everything Wrong With X-Men Apocalypse In 20 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With X-Men Apocalypse In 20 Minutes Or Less

X-Men Apocalypse. Did you see it? We did. Boy, how we didn’t like it. You will probably pick up on that listening to the sins. (sigh).

Thursday: Space-y sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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19 Responses

  1. Scar 95 says:

    Poland isn’t Germany!!!

  2. Watch Oasis says:

    I love this film lol anyone else?

  3. Ragnell123 says:

    God this movie was bad. You’d think with so many special effects, the fight
    scenes would actually look cool or have good choreography.

  4. Bogdan Cozma says:

    2:43 Half of americans don’t even know where Poland is, let alone
    Pruszkow……so you need to take that sin back.
    Not to mention that americans have soo little imagination that they call
    their cities names like:
    Paris (Texas)
    Odessa (Texas)
    Sheffield (Alabama)
    St. Petersburg (Florida)
    London (Tenessee)
    London (Texas)
    Oxford (Georgia)
    Birmingham (Alabama)
    Birmingham (Iowa)
    Birmingham (Kentucky)
    Birmingham (Michigan)
    Birmingham (Missouri)
    Birmingham (New Jersey)
    Birmingham (Ohio)
    Birmingham (Pennsylvania)
    Birmingham (Pennsylvania, yes, again)

    FFS America, stop stealing names!

  5. ThatZommy says:

    I don’t want to be *that guy*, but am I the only one who thinks CinemaSins
    is getting less funny and more spiteful?

  6. james cartex says:

    Ik there a lot of things wrong with this movie but i still really enjoyed
    watching it.

  7. mister kickasso says:

    Google ‘The Only Way is Essex’
    That is why you should be scared of the briefcase at the end

  8. SARO says:

    “Well at least we can all agree the third one’s always the worst.”

    That line will forever haunt this movie.

  9. Zorro del Demonio says:

    Quicksilver threw those guys onto a bedsheet tied to a tree or something,
    it’s clearly visible at the end of the scene…

  10. ToonYoshiGame says:

    Speaking of apocalypse, today’s the election.

  11. Hooker Legs says:

    I’m all for Jean having psychic powers and that bullshit but you’re telling
    me that no one noticed a blue guy with a tail walking out of the theatre.

  12. Retail says:

    19:49 Sin counter goes from 149 to 155. Then in Movie Sin Counter at the
    end, it says 150.

  13. Gemnist says:

    Add a sin (instead of three removals) for the Quicksilver scene, completely
    cash-grabbing from the previous film and taking away from that first
    scene’s magnificence.

  14. sasook says:

    No sin for “forget everything you think you know” cliche?

  15. LordJokester says:

    5:37 this accidental arrowing is practically impossible (at least with the
    shown results); that guy is barely pulling the string, wielding the grip
    with a not-so-firm stance and quite awry, and he’s using the olympic pull
    (one finger above the arrow, two under it) while the most appropriate for a
    field recurve bow would be three fingers under the arrow, with the index
    finger slightly supporting the nock (the olympic pull is used because the
    bow has all sorts of accessories to assist in the shot, such as an arrow
    trigger – which would excuse the pull) – which means that as soon as he let
    go of the string, the arrow would angle down, impeding even more its range.
    Long story short: that arrow would never be able to remotely hit whatever
    the guy was aiming at, let alone hit it and pierce two people’s bodies in
    the process.

  16. CDDogg Games says:

    So about 50% of Apocalypse went into Charles. Thus Charles lost his hair,
    but he still can’t walk? Did Apocalypse plan to fix the spine of the body
    he was going to become? If so you’d think he’d fix that first.

  17. Thexevilxwulfy says:

    ESSEX = Evil Something-Something Enemy of X-men

  18. thedredmanable says:

    En Sabah Nour does not mean Apocalypse. It just means “Good Morning” with
    an affirmative “En!” which is the equivalent of “It is” at the start.
    I normally would have kept that complaint to myself in the back of my head,
    but the way those extras pronounced it practically confirmed it.
    Though not as intimidating, I’m sure X-Men: Good Morning would have sold
    way better than Apocalypse.

  19. DJ Schotzi says:

    i hate how these xmen movies butchered the stories