Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is WRONG!

Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is WRONG!

What if I told you that a lot of what you learned in school and the movie Jurassic Park is incorrect? Let’s debunk some dinosaur myths!
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Written by Michael Sago

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20 Responses

  1. Luigi Gaskell says:

    Life Noggin, we people in the vertebrate paleontology community already have a problem with people who still deny feathered dinosaurs so drawing another _T. rex_ to chicken comparison in this video didn’t help.

    Additionally, I think people are sensationalizing discoveries too much. While it’s true that the study cited finds that dinosaurs could have cooed and quacked, there are still a lot of paleontologists that I talk to who strongly think that dinosaurs could have still growled and roared like large terrestrial birds or crocodilians. Please stop making “Feathered dinosaurs are just big stupid birds” jokes if you’re trying to be informative because it just doesn’t help.

    EDIT : I just read the study on the “cooing dinosaurs” hypothesis which is actually Riede et al. (2016) and they make it explicitly clear in the paper that cooing was only suggested as an option for closed-mouth vocalizations. The same study does not discount the possibility of other forms of vocalization such as growling, roaring, hissing, or rumbling with the mouth open. I’m super disappointed in this video for deliberately leaving that out in order to garner more views.
    They even write in the study : “[…] Closed-mouth vocalizations represent only part of the vocal repertoire of the taxa in which they are present. We collected data on open- and closed-mouth vocalizations that are used specifically in courtship or territorial displays. Other calls in the vocal repertoire of birds (e.g., during begging by chicks; in aggressive encounters) typically are open-mouth vocalizations (Kilner 1997; Sainoet al. 2008)”

    Not once in the study do the authors argue that dinosaur vocalization was limited to cooing and quacking. They even mention towards the end of the paper that vocalization and frequency is probably heavily affected by body size and that non-avian dinosaurs may have made more sounds than simply coos and quacks. Riede et al. (2016) even go as far as to suggest that open-mouth vocalizations related to territorial and aggressive behavior may have been different. Crocodyliformes and large birds are capable of roaring and growling so simply based on phylogenetic proximity and parsimony, non-avian dinosaurs most probably could have roared and growled when necessary, be it during territorial or aggressive behavior. I will reiterate, I find it disappointing and dishonest that you deliberately misinterpreted and misrepresented Riede et al.’s study.

  2. JPOG7 TV says:

    People say that they can’t handle a dinosaur with feathers because it’s not cool and makes them look like chickens. Guess everyone forgot about falcons, Eagles, hawks, owls and other birds like them, they had feathers as well and are considered ‘cool’.

  3. GEEK says:

    A big chicken that Quacks like a duck. Wow 🙁

  4. kashem ali says:

    This video is a little misleading. You make the T-Rex appear much more feathered than it is. It had much less feathers than that.

    Q: Did spinosaurus have feathers? No, right?

  5. Momed TV says:

    You ruined my childhood!!!?

  6. MK wolf says:

    none of this was new to me haha

  7. Daniel Plays says:

    none of it surprised me. i had already heard about the feather thing, i knew that the average size of a dinosaur was the size if a sheep, and i am a creationist and believe in the worldwide flood described in the Bible which included volcanic eruptions, ash clouds, huge amounts of water, and the following ice age.

  8. botetta says:

    2:16 I love how the world gets destroyed around Blocko but he just keeps talking g like nothing happened ?

  9. MLG Kelpo says:

    WhO IS a GOoD RExY?

  10. TheVirtualBanana says:

    I know this because I watch TREY The Explainer.

  11. MrFernet07 says:

    Sadly I knew all of these already. As I get older Dinosaurs are becoming a lot less awesome

  12. Cameron Duffy says:

    Just imagine a T-Rex quacking…

  13. Ellie Lass says:

    feathers make dinosaurs look even more terrifying do you know how scared i am of geese????

  14. Super Puggle says:


  15. Whatever, Fuck Usernames says:

    Ask yourselves this question: Why does it matter? The dinosaurs are dead. So what if we get their behaviors and appearances right? People are starving, nobody is doing shit about rising sea levels, we may face resource deficiencies in the future and people throw money at geologists and paleontologists to make assumptions about extinct creatures? Get your priorities straight, humanity.

  16. Raul says:

    this is more like a “Hollywood got the dinos wrong” video rather than a “paleontologist got ’em wrong”

  17. Bradley Hoke says:

    All I really know about dinosaurs are that they used to exist…
    And apparently even that is wrong.

  18. Malifire Long says:

    But I’m afraid of chickens

  19. Ben- Errant says:

    The Velociraptors in Jurassic Park were based off of the dinosaur Deinonychus, but Spielberg thought Velociraptor sounded cooler. It’s misleading to just say that they were the size of small dogs when the Deinonychus were about the same size as depicted in the movie.

  20. the chair is back, but renji won says:

    *the asteroid didnt kill the dinosaurs*
    *…but it did kill the dinosaurs*

    it only took you 10 seconds to contradict yourself

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