Everytime I visit this owl it gives me this face

What does $500,000 in cash look like? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmw6Ng7tqp8

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20 Responses

  1. Th3Gam3925 says:

    Le reddit faggots are here

  2. Reginald P. Lunix says:

    Udemy-qualified Biologist here!
    This is actually an “Owl Cafe” in Glorious Motherland Nippon (that’s Japan
    for the layman). Owls are deeply ingrained into Japanese culture for their
    wisdom, focus, and the fact that they don’t have squinty eyes. As you can
    see here, the Owl is imitating the local people of Japan by almost closing
    his eyes. This is a sign of reverance and respect.
    While many of you may notice the tether around these majestic birds’ legs,
    this is simply put in place for the owl to feel more secure in its
    environment. The owls are free to leave at any time, as long as they file
    the appropriate paperwork.

  3. dronespace says:


  4. Dismal626 says:


  5. ZeBlaZeD says:

    asian owl syndrome ^_^

  6. Claude Vivaldi says:

    I came here from reddit, and boy are my arms tired!

  7. Naero says:

    O RLY?

  8. T.Y. Forthegold says:

    Redditor and animal welfare expert here. This owl has been profoundly
    abused by the video uploader and this video constitutes animal cruelty. The
    facial demeanour of the owl suggests that he is terrified of the cameraman
    after years of physical harm, presumably this is why the poor owl is now
    housed in a rescue centre. Please desist from abusing animals or you’ll
    have to answer to the Reddit army, and we are legion.

    T.Y. Forthegold, Reddit gold user. 

  9. Peon546 says:

    why are owls so creepy? Are they like schizophrenic animals?

  10. Gregory Wentworth III says:

    Gregory Wenworth III here. Straight from 4chan. We are far superior to all
    reddit users and are much more suave with the ladies. Any sexy ladies out
    there wanna look at my abs. HMU.

  11. Reginald Benedict says:

    (Reddit sent me here) I just wanted to say that owls DO NOT make good pets.
    Proven by /u/Unidan on /r/AskScience, when you have large carnivorous
    reptiles as pets (which most people that live in their mum’s basement do)
    owls will be eaten. My mum has repeatedly told me to get rid of them, but I
    can’t help flexing my strong leg muscles when they try and constrict the
    blood flow to my foot. Also, as a proper gentleman, I like to impress
    ladies that come over 😉

    -Reginald Benedict, ambassador of Reddit

  12. o00thunderhawk00o says:

    they like your vibes :)

  13. Brecht Baekelandt says:

    Its mocking you

  14. Tudor Calin says:

    playing dead. next time u’ll know.

  15. Julius Fawcett says:

    If you love animals, how about eating a vegan diet? I wish everyone peace,
    love and harmony xxx

  16. Crawster says:


  17. YTKeeps AskingforName says:

    /r/Redditarmie really has gone downhill

  18. eowyn celeste says:

    some ones happy to see you lol

  19. Walter Kovacs says:

    Что за порода? 

  20. Ibara Kasen says:

    tfw the drugs hit you too hard and you need to focus on not dying