Evidence of Waverly Hills Sanatorium • Ghost Files Debrief

Evidence of Waverly Hills Sanatorium • Ghost Files Debrief

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39 Responses

  1. Watcher says:

    Go to http://www.casetify.com/watcher today to save 15% off your order!

    • Peter Billings says:

      @Leone Narwani oh I totally agree, which is why I think Sam & Colby etc wouldn’t agree to it. They’d basically be exposing themselves if suddenly the Estes Method DIDNT yield full on 15 min long horrifying, back-and-forth conversations like they normally get.

    • Maddie Edwards says:

      Just bought a case!

    • Leone Narwani says:

      @Peter Billings Garrett watts , Shane Dawson , Sam and Colby ? Most of the evidence are legit the same they catch , but with watchers eyes on it , don’t think it could be faked

    • Peter Billings says:

      @Leone Narwani That sounds fun, but I’m guessing that wouldn’t work well with most other groups bc so many of them fake or their findings.

    • HSY says:

      Thanks for the discount lol

  2. TheOnionQueen says:

    Never feel disappointed if you don’t get evidence. We don’t watch this for the proof, we watch it because we love you guys! You’re entertaining people!

  3. toni says:

    Ryan’s face when he says “take it away!” and the ghosts actually do take it away is just… chefs kiss. Instantly iconic.

  4. Cameron Douglas says:

    “IT’S THE FUCKING WINDOW!” I yell from the mountain tops as Ryan and Shane argue about what the doorway apparition behind Shane could be.

  5. Rox says:

    Whoever build and designed the studio NAILED IT and im so exited for the next episode 🤧

  6. Trevor says:

    I would love to see a segment where shane tries to recreate when people allegedly fake “evidence”. Like just having a second person whisper the line in the body shoot.

    • pogpogpog says:

      @Missy Barbour pissing myself at the concept of shane being the “apparition” in the staged recreations. like it’s just his head peeking out from behind the doorway LMFAO

    • - topic says:

      @James Dean or just have another person talk while you’re recording. people can’t even prove it wasn’t recorded where you claim, so you can just record it at home and say you got it in an abandoned castle in romania

    • James Dean says:

      Well the evp evidence is the easiest to fake, you literally just add a voice in afterwards.

    • Missy Barbour says:

      Yeah! Like how whenever the Mythbusters busted a myth, they would then see what it would actually have taken for the myth to be true! Shane and Ryan should attempt “genuine” and “staged” versions of all the evidence! They’ll be the ghost version of Mythbusters!


    • Spencer Hughes says:

      That would be dope

  7. Taylor says:

    PSA to anyone asking about true crime- Ryan and Shane already addressed this question in a Discussing Film interview. They have no plans to make a true crime show. Go check it out. Ultimately, as Ryan said in the article “We made Watcher to be able to host shows we want to make, and I hope that’s apparent”

    • anonym says:

      @Linka Seriously. You would rather that everyone forgets about all the people that suffered and who’s lives mattered? If we talk about these stuff (in a respectful way) then it serves as a cotionary for lack of better word ‘story’ for other people and can really make a difference. If someone brings attention to a cold case then that’s just fine, even welcome because it can lead to solving it. Also, some of the good true crime shows donate to organizations focused on preventing these types of stuff (often founded by family members of the victims), don’t you think that’s a good thing to do?

    • Trainer BlueHair-With-Pronouns Kris says:

      @James Dean that was for the better though. There were plenty of interesting mysteries that didn’t involve giving more fame to murderous pieces of garbage.

    • Trainer BlueHair-With-Pronouns Kris says:

      @Kyxul grow up

    • James Dean says:

      I feel with true crime show they started running out of good crime stories anyway, it went from being about serial killers and murder cases to heists and robberies.

    • James Dean says:

      @セーラームーンThumbellina P. Well that’s just crazy talk.

  8. Bomb DotCom 🎗 says:

    I’m so happy to see Ryan and Shane are back at it with their adventures. Buzzfeed unsolved was one of my favorites for a while because of this iconic duo, and it’s good to see they’ve got their own thing going through their own network

    • jiyooo says:

      I subscribed to Buzzfeed, even just knew Buzzfeed, because of their Unsolved series. For me, Shane and Ryan r my Buzzfeed OGs

  9. supercool says:

    I agree with Shane about some of the audience submissions. I personally am very open to ghosts being real and do have my own experience, but it’s hard to be convinced that people aren’t lying. One thing that I love about this show/unsolved is that I am able to trust the evidence. Also, I appreciate how confident Ryan was when arguing for the evidence. I feel like the hardcore skeptic position is the easiest one to have, since you don’t look like a crazy person when explaining

  10. Christina Scott says:

    I really like the way your team designed the G for ghost files. It’s nice to look at. 😊

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