“Ew!” with Ariana Grande

“Ew!” with Ariana Grande

Jimmy shows a clip from the Teen Nick show “Ew!” in which Sara and her friend Alexa have a sing-off.

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“Ew!” with Ariana Grande

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20 Responses

  1. Rebecca Sowers says:

    I love ari, but i don’t think she did very good…and she didn’t stay in
    character for the “ew speed round.”

  2. Dariah Jaffar says:

    Ariana looks likes a little girl hehe

  3. Jose Baylon says:

    Gary rocking the New Balance kicks. Well done.

  4. Aaliyah Lofino says:

    In don’t think Ariana would have so much hate if her fans would learn to
    keep their mouths shut. Every time someone says the dumbest thing about
    Ariana here are her 12 year old annoying fans running their mouth. I can
    see why she wished they would all die. You cannot complain about someone
    being rude when your rude yourself . Grow up.

  5. Marilyn Arciniega says:

    SHE A FAT CAT!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Loved it!!!! 3

  6. amartinez968 says:

    “Hash pipe like!”- Gary

  7. Lose Weight And Feel GREAT says:

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  8. Isabella Brattoli says:

    She has to be the cutest person in the universe…ever

  9. Sumi shemaroo says:

    apparently only jimmy made this funny. 

  10. Amber Rodelander says:

    Sara’s voice is sounding a lot more Gilbert Gottfried-y lately. 

  11. Brian Osorio says:

    Jimmy is always struggling to keep in his laughter, and I don’t blame him

  12. _so_ariana-grande says:

    cat vibes here

  13. Emily Ordner says:

    in my opinion, this is the best ew yet!!!!

  14. arancha655 says:

    OMG! i had seen comments of her looking like a child but i thought they
    were just haters, and then i see THIS…. she does has the body of a kid

  15. Kimberly Zarate says:


  16. Mary Chris Costelo says:

    Super cute young grande ,,look like 15yrs old ,,,

  17. tfimperfectangel says:

    Did anyone notice Jimmy Fallon shaved his armpits? lol~

  18. XrosesareblackX says:

    Maybe she looks like a child bcuz that’s how she is supposed to be
    portrayed as in this skit! 

  19. Batman says:

    I don’t know what’s worse: The mean comments, the annoying fans attempting
    to defend her, or the fact that the dad looked like Gary Oldman.

  20. Obsessed Arianator says:

    Ew! +Its Ari
    Watch it, it’s hilarious