Ex-Cops Smoking Weed: Full Video

Ex-Cops Smoking Weed: Full Video

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Eric Soma – Audio
Jessica Law – PA

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19 Responses


    Yes! Happy 420!

  2. Davide Graffieti says:

    This video in gonna be viral. I know it will.

  3. bum grooggs says:

    you should try them to ‘eat’ or digest weed.
    well you have to mix the weed with sort of real food.
    *the effect are more pwerful and longer.

  4. Frank Knight says:

    There are two types of people:
    1. People who smoke cannabis.
    2. People who should smoke cannabis.

  5. Sam M says:

    Weed isn’t a drug. it isn’t harmful at-all.
    There is absolutely no case of anyone dying because of Marijuana.
    The government doesn’t legalize it because they can’t control it.

    Bob Marley smoked weed and it made him relax, stay positive and thats why
    they kept trying to kill him.

    The people who control the government doesn’t want love and peace, they
    just want war, killing others, and hate.

    Society teaches us that weed is bad and harmful.

    When America decides to wake up after the Government’s “New Order”, It’ll
    already be too late.

    – Jah Bless.

  6. Leif says:

    this is hilarious

  7. dad cannabis says:

    this video is dad cannabis approved

  8. Judas Iscariot says:

    “Unless I see your niece there!”

  9. VivianSpawn says:

    Watch Three Badass Former Cops Get High

  10. Eric Keyes says:

    “Unless I see you niece there”

  11. Rumtiger1 says:

    The girl at the end is super cute.

  12. Snack Guy says:

    guy in the middle def smokes regularly lol

  13. Worth Beans says:

    They never toke it! XD

  14. ColdAce180 says:

    This video is giving me cravings xD

  15. Professor Art says:

    The Ex-Cop at the right end corner seems like a pretty cool guy!

  16. Mario Arias says:

    Happy 4/20!!!

  17. GoingCrazy201 says:

    I prefer the one where the older ladies do it, much more amusing.

  18. Phillip Lamoureux says:

    That was nice. Nothing extreme just some old guys smoking weed and being
    reasonable. I think the best point was the one elder who said it cost more
    to put someone in prison than to send then to Harvard!

  19. Illussionz' Nerdery says:

    “Starting at 93 count backwards by 7….” Yeah, not even sober could I
    pull this off with any degree of skill lol….