Excalibur VS Raiden (Warframe VS Metal Gear) | DEATH BATTLE!

Excalibur VS Raiden (Warframe VS Metal Gear) | DEATH BATTLE!

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33 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    “Making the mother of all death battles here, Jack. Can’t fret over every loss.”

  2. 2-Way_Intersection says:

    i would *love* more “impromptu” death battles like this. not as a regular thing, but just having it happen every now and then is really exciting

  3. Oberon Kin says:

    On one hand, this fight actually went better then i expected given a character like Excal. On the other hand, im a little sad they didn’t have raiden have to try and debate if he was going to have to kill a kid

  4. Denzell Brown says:

    I like how the start of this episode felt more like an actual debate over who would win in a fight. As kids, the argument used to be who was cooler. But, now we talk about who is STRONGER and can actually back up our points.

  5. Paul Higgins says:

    I absolutely love how this was played out. Wiz and Broomstick having a personal argument. Easily my favorite skit in all the years of Death Battle. Keep coming up with unique stuff like that and I’ll be an even bigger fan than I already am!

  6. 𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔 says:

    “Why wont you die?”

    “Umbral set + adaptation son. They harden in response to attacks of the same damage type.”

    • God Is void says:

      It’s been like 2 years since I played some warframe but this was genuinely funny since I remembered those invulnerable builds with inaros.

    • Hunting Hunter says:

      @Mark Haynes I get your point and agree, but let’s be real, what percent of the community is actually going against steel path level cap

    • Samuel Evans says:

      @Suezo dude. Infinite ammo STILL did not much. Adding mods would be like reenacting Madara’s heaven concealed trick, but with pure pain.

    • Sergio Leonardo Cornejo says:

      @N8KD Media G&T Well. Quantum immortality means exactly that. You can. But it won’t be permanent.

    • SnowyGrass says:

      @Mark Haynes how much has the game changed in the last 1-2 years?

  7. JollySquatch says:

    This was a good format. Having you two argue rather than just state the stats of the two sides made it more engaging.

  8. LeviathanDrumming says:

    Congrats to DevilArtemis for helping animate the video! Rex would be proud

  9. Benevolent Duck says:

    Having Raiden fight Valkyr would have been very interesting

    • eddie cervantez says:

      While I would love to pick Valkyr the only thing wolverine has on her that prove for longevity is his healing factor not that you can’t mod valkyr for healing but wolverine healing from a single drop of blood is enough to to keep him going plus Nucor being one of my favorite weapons wouldn’t be good enough. Maybe Itzel with its black holes but only maybe. If he sees it coming and cuts a piece of himself off before the black whole can consume him he’ll survive and come back more pissed short of throwing him into a sun it would be tough. Interesting battle though I’d like to see it done

    • V0IDz_7 says:

      @Nafereus kortex as a valkyr main i can say that after the shield-gating update came i forgot that the accumulated damage even was a big thing

    • GammaDX27 says:

      Honestly I can see Valkyr matching more with Wolverine! They both carry intense anger, were heavily experimented on, and both have claws!!

    • Nafereus kortex says:

      @Fox Mask If you do damage to her then block she will instantly explode since she takes all the damage at once if there are people close to her when she exits Hysteria.

    • Fox Mask says:

      That’s basicaly “Man litteraly too angry to die” VS “Woman litteraly too angry to die”. That’s how i felt fighting her for the first time in a relay at least.

  10. The3rdFist says:

    The animator was on point. Good job Devilartemis

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