Exclusive Borg Vs McEnroe trailer

Exclusive Borg Vs McEnroe trailer

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20 Responses

  1. Mahesh Walatara says:

    This gonna be Epic. But why watch this when you can watch the actual full matches on DVD or YouTube??

  2. StefanMewa says:

    It seems that Shia won’t be flexing when this match is over.

  3. Tom Hoole says:

    Wow. Shia sure does know how to pick his roles…

  4. METAMEZ says:

    just do it!

  5. Harry Westerfield says:

    Trending with 22 likes and 8 dislikes, corporate under-the-table agreements at their finest.

  6. harsh kumar says:

    A fuck ing video with 7k views on Trending GOOD JOB YOUTUBE

  7. The Vision says:

    All trailers should be this short, I hate when trailers show the whole damn movie

  8. Trollian Assange says:


  9. Jamil Vints says:

    Under 10k views and “trending” Nice job YouTube.

  10. Roger Smith says:

    this shouldn’t be trending

  11. Austin Haybueno says:

    Is this a joke?

  12. Brendan Nicholas says:

    This looks like trash

  13. Nick C says:

    Nothing will ever top 7 Days in Hell tbh 🎾

  14. Sal Volcano III says:

    YouTube confirms they’re paid for tending videos. What a fucking waste of a company

  15. Vein Dawgz says:

    By the looks of the thumbnail, I thought it was a parody tho 😆 i cant see shia play a serious roll anymore 😂

  16. David Hall says:

    Oh….this is real….here I thought it was some College Humor thing involving Flula Borg an Shia.

  17. Jacksepticeye 2 says:

    Praise KEK! Hitler did nothing wrong!

  18. ashthecat3 says:

    I thought that was Pauly Shore at first, then I realized it was Shia.

  19. Matt Fab says:

    lol they didnt even capitalize the word “trailer”

  20. 59ersfootball says:

    I only know who McEnroe is because of Mr. Deeds lmao

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