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  1. The Gruyorker says:

    Un verdadero guerrero mexicano, con sangre ecuatoriana también, no hay que olvidar! Felicidades campeón!!!!

  2. Choc 007 says:

    Much respect for this man. 👏

    • leonard edwards says:

      ​@Miguel Mirola orona he didn’t get a ko because of the ref

    • ROMANCE NIGHT says:

      I totally agree with your comment.that’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • The Lion says:

      @bam713 n.$ that’s whats wrong with society today we like to think the kids aren’t watching or listening, kids are smarter then we think and they absorb their environment like a sponge, he probably does it so much its normalised in his mind so he grows up and starts spewing the same mess out his mouth

    • bam713 n.$ says:

      ​@The Lion you talking like he had his kid on his lap cussing.. his lil boy was in the background punching a poster 😅

  3. Insider619 says:

    Make sure Bayless is not the ref in any of your future fights.

  4. Emil says:

    Congrats to Benavidez and his family for his win. Excellent performance last night, overall.

  5. Black conservative Nationalist says:

    I kept saying the whole fight that Kenny was showing favoritism Towards Caleb Plant. I’ve never seen that much holding without at least warning.

  6. PEACE through STRENGTH says:

    That low blow was calculated and deliberate, he was thinking about it coming out from the corner.

    • :p says:

      Ward helped Plant so of course he showed to low blow, Kovalev style!😂

    • Joe Flores says:

      The ref was calculated the ref saved plant from getting his ass handed to him… but the Mexican monster 💀 Benavidez sent him to the hospital 😊

    • Irie ThePeaceKing says:

      @K Miles my friend who owns a gym not far from my crib was on his team before. Caleb is not that type of guy or fighter. He has gas tank problems… probably smokes alot of bud.

    • John John Manziel says:

      @Salva Looez  Dont listen to biased announcers…They never mentioned The Elbows Benavidez was throwing and the forearms all over Plant face….Benavidez was holding & hitting q”0

    • Isaiah Guzman says:

      @John John Manziel breadman told him to do it brother. Quit making things up. When you hit that low ain’t no way it unintentional

  7. wileythe3rd says:

    I always been a fan of lil bro, but David Benevidez is a beast. Hats off to Benevidez, man. He just beat a legitimate fighter.

    • M J says:

      @James Carabajal benavidez is not beating Canelo though let’s be real, in fact Canelo will knock him out

    • Guapos Calling 📞 says:

      @Ro 23 20 cam u don’t know both bout boxing if you don’t think plant got saved MANY times from clenches and the ref, checking his EYES 👀 foh lame 😂

    • Ro 23 20 cam says:

      @Guapos Calling 📞 go compare how the goat knocked him out n benavides didn’t lmfaoooo it’s boxing stfu

  8. Cisco G says:

    David doesn’t even look like he got in a fight. Caleb got pieced up 😂

    • C. Anderson says:

      @Will Pounder 😆

    • Will Pounder says:

      @1st&15thbum 😆🤡

    • Edgar Morales says:

      @David Arellano figure of speech smart one. He definitely clinched a lot! So much that plenty of people thought he should have been warned and possibly deducted points had he continued. we all know why he kept clinching though….

    • David Arellano says:

      ​@Edgar Morales if all you saw was clinching coming from plant then you must be a casual. Yeah Benavidez convincingly won, especially going on from the second half of the match, but you can’t be that blind can you?

  9. B.Max17 says:

    The ref was terrible, but I thought Benavidez, despite the win, was a bit scrappy. He didn’t use his jab much, and there was not much combination punching trying to land one big shot and missed a lot. But a great fighter nonetheless and a great win🥊

    • jobdaniel says:


    • TheMoron Slayer says:

      ​@Sa1sa naww..David throws way more punches, than Margarito. He’s way faster as well. His fast crispy jab, is not to be compared to Margarito.

    • B.Max17 says:

      @DarkWorld – New Channel you obviously a canelo fanboy and cut Benavidez won

    • Everest says:

      ​​​​@MEXI 🇲🇽 Because Plant made the mistake of pressing on the gas in the early rounds, and not sitting on his punches. Plant definitely could have hurt Benavides, he proved it in the last round, when he started giving his all till the finish. Plant should have started slow, boxed smart with no crazy combination output until the 6th or 7th round. His stamina was the issue here, and game plan. Benavides did not impress me at all honestly, very basic fighter who relies on power in bunches. And also a clear weight bully. Plant really fucked up on a easily taken win.
      He knew Benavides picks up in the later rounds, and didn’t take it into consideration. He lost to himself.


    Tell David he has a huge fanbase here in IRELAND too btw.. We love fighters like David. He’s defo a beast in there. Keep doing ur thing DB. Ur building towards bigger things once u keep believing in yourself..
    When David weighed in at 166.8lbs I was honestly worried that he had over trained for the fight seeing at how big this was in his career. It’s no mean feet to beat up on Caleb Plant. Canelo struggled for 10 rounds with Plant and couldn’t really get near him.
    Salute to David and all his team and his friends and family. To be a professional fighter is the loneliest sport in the world. U are out in the ring on ur own st the end of the day and nobody can fight for u. If u take a loss everybody turns on u in this sport. Promoters write u off and u end up being left out in the cold unless u can garner a huge following like the Canelo’s of this sport. His huge Mexican fanbase keeps him relevant imho but I honestly believe David will put it on him just like Bivol did.
    I’m worried for DB now that he will be ducked. I think Canelo will make him wait and so will the WBC so if I was David I would push my ppl to get me higher in the WBO, WBA & IBF also so they can get me that shot too. I know it costs money for that but to get those titles in the next 12-16 months is what David needs to grow his fanbase and make his legacy.
    I was worried by the start David had in the 1st 5/6 rounds bcos he looked a little lethargic but as we all know he comes on strong in the 2nd half of his fights.
    I was disappointed in Plant with his stupid antics looking out at the crowd and all his crap. U keep ur mind on the job at all times against a big puncher like David.
    I want to finish by wishing David all the best. I hope he gets the Canelo fight soon. He has earned that shot now. Good luck with ur career and best wishes to all of ur family too DB..

    ES… I kinda gave u a bit of stick over brown nosing certain fighters but that’s ur right as a content creator. I get why u do it. U cannot really ask tough questions of most fighters anymore bcos they’ll cut u off but I think the Benavidez family might not be like that. I think David knows and understands that he made some mistakes in this fight and he knows what he has to work on to get better.
    Best wishes to u too ES.. Don’t wanna finish by not wishing u all the best too bro..

    • Victor Lopez says:

      @Nibba X go do a dna test. I’m 67% Native American 18% Spanish 8% Irish 4 % ashkenazi Jewish 3% other
      My family has been living in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado since the 1590s.

    • Nibba X says:

      @Victor Lopez we do ? Wtf ik we got Spanish blood from Spaniards but idk about Irish

    • Victor Lopez says:

      I’m 8% Irish and a lot of us Hispanics have Irish blood. Salute 🫡

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