Exclusive: First iPhone 8 Dummy Hands-on Video

Exclusive: First iPhone 8 Dummy Hands-on Video

This is the first hands-on video with a dummy iPhone 8!

Posted by Benjamin Geskin – https://twitter.com/VenyaGeskin1

Keep in mind that this is not a real working phone or prototype. It’s a dummy for display only.

This is how the final product from Apple may look like – https://twitter.com/VenyaGeskin1/status/860572039849148416

Source: https://twitter.com/VenyaGeskin1/status/867143299215306753

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20 Responses

  1. iVenyaWay says:

    This is how the iPhone 8 may look like. And it’s beautiful. https://twitter.com/VenyaGeskin1/status/867291922053959681

  2. iVenyaWay says:

    Please keep in mind, that this is not a real working phone or prototype. This is dummy model from China, made based on iPhone 8 schematics.

  3. iVenyaWay says:

    Это просто китайский макет iPhone 8 созданный по его чертежам! Устройство от Apple будет выглядеть на много лучше и аккуратнее! Примерно вот так – https://twitter.com/VenyaGeskin1/status/867291922053959681

  4. Baby Broly says:

    Iphone 8 or Iphone late?

  5. cheeki breeki says:

    You people need to stop empowering apple. Each month they release the exact same phone than before with an extra millimiter of screen surface or some useless apps and you morons buy it. No wonder they keep release crap if morons spend on it.

  6. Javier Garcia says:

    Looks ugly

  7. Krystal Famez says:

    More like :
    Belongs in the trash
    Like apple does

  8. Viperish Kitty says:

    Ok looks like I’m done with apple

  9. Mel D. says:

    Apple with the win again

  10. Snapchat Dotcom says:

    Ever since that ugly fucking 6 they came out with, i’ve waited. Still on my 5s (best looking/classic design). Might get the SE if Apple releases this shitty design.

  11. dark knight gaming at best and other says:

    fuck iphone

  12. Ketil Flatnose says:

    Everyone who buys this shit is a sheep.


    that moment when the 5s looks better than this :V

  14. FreeAmerica943 says:

    Ugly throw that in the failure pile next to the iPhone 7

  15. Chris Hansen says:

    If the next iPhone looks anything like this then I will switch to the Google Pixel 2.

  16. Hey Joji says:

    Looks like an iPhone what else is needed to say

  17. SAV-vij says:

    You people realize this isn’t real right ?

  18. freddyy says:

    copy of the s7/s8. man apple is really losing their game

  19. Lucia Brown says:

    Wow it looks almost exactly the same 😕😮

  20. Rene The Tech Dude says:

    Samsung is literally gonna beat Apple for sure now

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