EXCLUSIVE: “Glowing” Sea Turtle Discovered

EXCLUSIVE: “Glowing” Sea Turtle Discovered

While filming coral off the Solomon Islands, David Gruber, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, encountered a “bright red-and-green spaceship.” This underwater UFO turned out to be a hawksbill sea turtle, which is significant because it’s the first time that biofluorescence has ever been seen in reptiles, according to Gruber. Gruber is now excited to learn more about this critically endangered species and how it is using biofluorescence.

David Gruber: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorers/bios/david-gruber/

EDITOR: Jennifer Murphy
TBA21 PRODUCERS: Francesca Von Habsburg and Markus Reymann
ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE: National Geographic Creative and Pawel Achtel

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20 Responses

  1. B00steDevil says:

    you would think these scientists first train of thought would be. well if
    the corals and marine plants glow and these turtles eat these beings than
    maybe they would also get their chemical compounds in their diet. does not
    have to mean it attracts mates or for they can see each other.

  2. Angreh Kittunz says:

    Gotta catch em all! **throws pokeballs at the screen**

  3. lijit77 says:

    That’s too crazy. It is soo beautiful

  4. HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

    how do you know the turtle’s shell is not just reflecting the underwater
    lights being shined on it? When coming up on the turtle with the lights, it
    did not look liked it “glowed” until the underwater light was directly on
    it. A correction in one of your earlier statements, regarding science
    focusing on bio-luminescence in the last 10 years. I personally dove with
    scientists 25 years ago who were studying this phenomena with marine
    creatures off of the southern coast of Puerto Rico. I know the studies go
    back a lot farther than 25 years too.

  5. lohphat says:

    Don’t tell the Chinese, they’ll hunt them to extinction because of magical
    healing powers

  6. Ray Ryan says:

    UV light bounded, so it look glowing which is in fact like a moon
    reflecting sunlight in space. I hear National Geographic has been sold and
    now this is what I see…

  7. Christian Lopez says:

    did it recently travel near fukoshima?..

  8. Jack Hoff says:

    I thought it was actually glowing. This is bullshit.

  9. Tonatiuh García Masó says:

    Those guys are totally high.

  10. T4AVideos says:

    Amazing Mother Nature!!

  11. Canar BM says:

    50 years from now after another 20 oil spills happen, none of these exotic
    creatures will be around.

  12. Kéifus Mathews says:

    Way cool, enjoyed it..

  13. TheVJProduction says:

    …yea, theyre really trying really hard to make it sound cool

  14. Mike K. says:

    Steve Zissou would love to encounter this amazing species.

  15. TheAGCteam says:

    Looks more like an underwater rave party than anything else.

  16. Anneke Haagsma says:

    Amazing !! Thank you !

  17. 1zombie4v says:

    These 2 are so fucking queer

  18. joe satriani says:

    ill comeback when the UFO was Godzilla back

  19. Ant Vic says:

    Radioactive turtle ….

  20. 5thElemnt says:

    They said “turtles are bio-fluorescence.” So that means all turtles, not
    just this one particular hawksbill? What do I do make them glow at night. I
    have seen and swam with turtles here and there and will again. Regardless
    very cool.