Exclusive Interview: Trump sits down with Tucker Carlson in Japan

Exclusive Interview: Trump sits down with Tucker Carlson in Japan

President Donald Trump discusses trade negotiations with China, tensions in the Middle East on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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107 Responses

  1. Anglo Saxon says:

    Tucker, a great interviewer! NO constant interuptions, allows Trump to speak. No hidden agendas in the questions. Great all round job!
    Trump 2020. Greetings from England! MAGA, MEGA!

  2. Shravaka Yogi says:

    – Are you going to take action against Google?
    – I can’t say that.

    Translation: there’s gonna be hell for them soon.

  3. Francisco Novas says:

    Glad to hear he’s not trigger happy with drone strikes like Obama

    • skrr yuhh says:

      Master of Mashup everything you say is incorrect. You are just mad that Hillary lost. What a loser you are

    • Conor says:

      He says that but the drone striking hasn’t slowed down.

    • Pauline Wiebelhaus says:

      I’m kinda pissed he doesn’t make more strikes

    • Rosemary Gaskell says:

      No, no time for that. Too busy torturing kids and their parents on our southern border.

    • Pauline Wiebelhaus says:

      @Royce notice it was the Dems that smashed on Obama over koreia… And noboma just didn’t have the guts to kick his own party and just go do it… Ya shameless Nikie fail…but trump doesn’t care if you think it’s bad… He’s president and he thinks it’s good… So it gets done his way …enjoy 4 more years.. I know I will

  4. dbc7772011 says:

    President Trump is tremendous. Such clear truthful transparent communication. Trump 2020!

  5. Africa Quagmire says:

    “I won and I will WIN again”. That is the spirit right there. God bless you Mr. President. KAG2020.

    • StarcraftBR Vang says:

      @Buy Free Canadian Pharmaceuticals Democrat really sucks this time, but i guess you think Biden will win

    • Mariano Alvarez says:

      @Buy Free Canadian Pharmaceuticals they’re already in the process of looking into and pressuring these companies. It’s a nice start.

    • Unite and Prosper says:

      Buy Free Canadian Pharmaceuticals the Democrats are so desperate they are censoring anyone that even mentions Trump’s name. They are sweating bullets because minorities are waking up to their lies

    • Jack says:

      So because he’s powerful enough to win even with google working against him, He should totally throw any other weaker conservative under the bus who do not have money, Platform and following as Trump?

    • iSlayEskimos says:

      @Buy Free Canadian Pharmaceuticals you’ve got to be completely insane to think anyone in the democratic race is actually going to beat trump. Libs keep getting more insane and moderates keep leaning more and more towards the right.

  6. prophylacticfaith says:

    I held my nose when I voted trump last time. I’ll do it this time with enthusiasm.

    • Xavier Monarrez says:

      143freespeech nobuts 2024 are you okay ??

    • Markver1 says:

      My vote for Trump was a vote against the demonic witch priestess. Next time I will vote for President Trump based on his fruits.

    • Conor says:

      No one cares.

    • Rea Ality says:

      I resemble that remark…

    • Isabel G. says:

      Re3iRtH voting is a privilege that not everyone gets! Your forefathers fought for your ability to vote! At one point in USA history, you had to be a landowner in order to vote…

      Don’t waste the opportunity that’s been handed to you. And you must have SOME interest in politics if you’ve watched this video, and took the time to comment.

  7. Buay Buay says:

    Spanish for Trump and democracy for Trump and Latino for Trump. You hate it or you love it. It’s happening in #? maga

    • JasonScott says:

      bro you mean Hispanic read a history book for fucks sake??????

    • JasonScott says:

      ​@Edifice of Echoes Spanish for Trump?why would people from Spain care about trump?fuc your stupid

    • 8balln8 killingu65 says:

      I’m happy my Hispanic community is joining my PATRIOT AMERICAN community in KEEPING THIS PRESIDENT EMPLOYED
      I would NOT BE AGAINST TRUMP AND HIS KIDS staying in the WHITE HOUSE permanently

    • Virginia Campodonico says:

      Si, si, si

    • Spencer7445 _ says:

      JasonScott every think that his English isn’t the best because it’s not his first language? Gee you sure showed him ?

  8. Free Thinking says:

    well a very sane an honest man. i have a lot of respect for President Trump.

  9. TJC450 says:

    I’m 25. College educated. I voted for trump. And will do it again in 2020! MAGA

  10. MikeZdoesit says:

    The lack of spin in this interview is extremely refreshing, it’s amazing seeing an actual conversation!!

    • israel rivera says:

      @Myriam Ickx *Yes, like you may keep your doctor kind off lie? Like we didn’t give away the Iranians 150billions lie? Like we don’t spy on american citizens lie? Like Samantha Powers unmasking abusing fisa courts lie?, Like we would have more flexibility talking to Russians lie? Like the defense of the USA embasy in Lybia our planes were out of reach lie!? Like we were talking about grand kids lie? i have to stop! don’t have time for your horse? crap!* ?????

    • MrEriksson007 says:

      israel rivera luv it!

    • Conor says:

      Lack of spin? The very first question was boasting about a “trade deal”, which is really just fixing a trade disaster that Trump started.

    • Melissa Benson says:

      @israel rivera…Lol, President Trump is 150% involved, put your helmet on , & get in the game!!!

    • Life of a Fat Man says:


  11. Tahar M says:

    First US president who thinks about the poor people of other countries that he’s about to bomb and who’s able to resist to the falcons. Bravo Mr Trump. Respect from France.

    • El Howard says:

      Trump’s anti-war stance is one of the few things that I agree with Donnie no-balls about. I also agree with his efforts to take care of veterans. Dodging the draft must have been really traumatic to him!

    • Spencer7445 _ says:

      El Howard he didn’t dodge the draft. Haha He was going to get drafted but failed a physical and was deemed only eligible for service in case of a “national emergency”.

  12. Omega8kilo says:

    Ya but Obama gave away free phones and free health care to people who don’t work….????‍♂️

    • matt r says:

      And don’t forget cas4clunkers.. that’s the whole reason the Obama s economy us pumping now.. if it dips it will be trumps economy,

    • Spermwhale1000 says:

      @matt r Kenya believe it?

    • Jonathan Woodside says:

      @Royce lol firstly, it was the democrats criticising him. Secondly, Obama was working against American interests, hated the US constitution and hated the United States. Trump loves all three 🙂

    • Tres 6ix says:

      Omega8kilo people who can’t work you mean. I’m at a homeless shelter for mental illness and 95% of people have the Obama phone because if not they wouldn’t be able to make their doctors appointment every time reschedule and call the shelter when you can’t come back on curfew. You are making an assumption because you aren’t in the same position that’s why you shouldn’t vote because you don’t do research or think deep enough.

    • Spermwhale1000 says:

      @Tres 6ix Allah be Praised!

  13. Forakus says:

    Mr President please stop the Californian Social media Hegemony!

    • Direbear Coat says:

      I had to look up the definition of “Hegemony” to understand what you were saying. Now that I’ve learned a new word, I see that I agree with you.

  14. La Jo Ba says:

    This is why he was elected. He is not a career politician. He is not perfect. Praying he keeps us out of new wars and pulls us out of other countries and keeps using diplomacy. His biggest mistake was hiring the Warmonger John Bolton and Pompeo…. Hope he fires those thugs.

    • Montblanc says:

      I don’t think John Bolton was his idea, at most a very ill intended advice from someone deep in the lobbying industry.

    • PoxyBear says:

      I think he likes to hear from opposing viewpoints but he makes the ultimate decision. Bolton is not shadow making decisions nor is Pompeo.

    • El Howard says:

      As a liberal, I… actually agree 100% with everything you just said! Yes, I pray that Trump manages to keep us out of any new wars! And hopefully his carrot-and-stick approach will make progress with Iran, North Korea, China, and other countries. It worked for Reagan…

    • Montblanc says:

      @PoxyBear no it’s just that Bolton is one of the guys who was heavily involved in the plan to bring the last nations without central banking into the IMF’s fold, a plan that involved the systematic take down of the regimes in those nations among which are Iran and N. Korea. These hirings could’ve well happened because he needed to please some military-industrial complex lobbyist.

  15. Rock Desert Sun says:

    America, You are watching a Great President!! Go Trump 20/20!!!

  16. Brent Millsop says:

    Enough is enough, Stop the Shite! Democrats have made people insane. Hold the city leadership criminally liable.

  17. AppalachianWolf says:

    Trump needs to do something about Antifa now.

    • Joshan Ryu says:

      @Melissa Benson I did not say they are brave. They are, however, being protected/incited by the media, politicians, tech giants, and the police is being super soft on them.
      If some were shot, it would actually incite more of them to go after weaker individuals that they know they can bully.

    • Antifa Hood Ornament's Mom says:

      Trump won’t do anything that matters. He’s a traitor and should be treated as such.

    • I'm Aimée Miami says:

      So like spend a bunch of taxpayers dollars on a photo oo that will have no results other than giving North Korea some propaganda from it?

    • Rosemary Gaskell says:

      Right after he jails his white supremacist thugs Pence keeps in his closet.

    • Life of a Fat Man says:

      I concur

  18. Layla Cicconi says:

    The energy of our President and at his age is amazing.

  19. Daniel Tirico says:

    I love trumps attitude here. Speak softly but carry a big stick

  20. Andrew Rincon says:

    I was a lifelong Democrat. I’ve finally grew up. Trump 2020

    • Antifa Hood Ornament's Mom says:

      @Gus Althorp All politics are Identity politics. “Identity politics” is just the new “racist”
      It means, shut up and be replaced Whitey.

    • FiggerNaggot says:

      Andrew Rincon
      I’m sure you did bot

    • Gus Althorp says:

      @Antifa Hood Ornament’s Mom Both political parties are owned and controlled by the same nefarious Characters

    • blaise2279 says:

      Churchhill said, if you’re not Liberal by the time you’re 20yrs you dont have a heart. If you’re not conservative by the time you’re 40, you have no brain.

    • Gus Althorp says:

      @blaise2279 Churchill was Another warmongering Psychopathic maniacal figure

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