EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber Interview with Kyle & Jackie O [FULL INTERVIEW]

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber Interview with Kyle & Jackie O [FULL INTERVIEW]

Justin Bieber speaks exclusively to Kyle and Jackie O… #BieberonKJ #BieberIsland

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20 Responses

  1. musicforever6 says:

    Y’all, Justin is great. I just wanted to say that.

  2. Shreejana Shrestha says:

    He talks so maturely now..n with lots of experience making him grow to good

  3. Heyits Emily says:

    when he said “do you want me to organize a car for you ” Justin’s reaction
    ” a whaaa” lol

  4. Heyits Emily says:

    he goes anyway ???

  5. CanEHdian09 says:

    There’s a football player that has done double the Make-a-Wish wishes. Just

  6. summertime189 says:

    AWKWARD…. the part when they were digging for goss on Selena.

  7. Teodora-Stefani Nikolova says:

    Justin: “I’m a relationship guy, but I got my heart broken, so I’m just
    trying to let that heal.” MY POOR BABY

  8. beshxo says:

    He is in such a good place, you can hear it in his voice. Makes my heart so

  9. Sarita Rodríguez says:

    He’s so sweet ?

  10. ирина ломоносова says:

    He is so charming)))

  11. jaydw1992 says:

    lol bieber is drunk here

  12. NonOfYa says:

    Awww I love him so much. He seems to be in such a peacefull place now.

  13. moonlight 93 says:

    Stop teasing us, Justin! The album will be released in November 13th, it’s
    also written on your official site so shut up, honey! lol

  14. Shubhi Pathak says:

    i love u Justin…..always with u :)

  15. Sereny Bieber says:

    when he tell ..italia…. ?

  16. Anna Rose says:

    Love Justin

  17. Suhail Murtaza says:


  18. Tinkerbell says:

    He lied about the Selena graffiti!

  19. Raghad Kl says:

    It’s only fair if they ask him about her just like they keep bothering her
    by talking about him. but even though, it’s really annoying how people are
    so attached to their past, like let it GO.