EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West on His New Album, Wiz Khalifa, And More! (Full Interview) | BigBoyTV

EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West on His New Album, Wiz Khalifa, And More! (Full Interview) | BigBoyTV

Rapper/producer/designer Kanye West calls in to The Neighborhood for a chat with Big Boy! Kanye discusses the album formerly known as “Waves”, his recent Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa, whether or not Drake’s pool is actually larger, and more!


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20 Responses

  1. Kevin Malone says:

    Is it me or do y’all feel them disrespecting and joking with him all in the
    same sentence!!

  2. The Pink Print says:

    I wish he could have been there in person, but this is cool. Welcome to the
    neighborhood Kanye ;)

  3. christian link says:

    i will end kanye

  4. sensitivedude says:

    con yay

  5. Kevin Estell says:

    ask him is there a jay n kanye song on the new album

  6. Black Excellence Productions says:

    Saying you own someone else’s child is an odd way to defend your wife lmao

  7. jose guerrero says:

    You can say kendrick or whoever is the rap king right now.. But Ye is
    always the music king ?

  8. Dane Maistry says:

    The Gospel according to Ye – thats the name

  9. Omar Ismail says:

    Just fucking name ur demanted ass album my brand is shit and garbage

  10. cody banks says:

    Getting more respect towards Kanye tho

  11. Austin Claycomb says:

    Big boy out here hustlin getting all them exclusives,

  12. Michael Blackshire says:

    Kanye needs to name his album “I am your OG, and I will be respected as
    such”. Who else agrees ?

  13. Mcnugget Man says:

    lmaoooo they went silent on the pool comment

    bruh has 3 pools

  14. jj watt says:

    “I got 3 pools………………………… Thats it” ???

  15. mrbass093 says:

    I’m so hyped for this album, this album might be one of the best albums
    that Kanye has ever made!

  16. Daniel Moyano says:

    I got three pools…haha..that’s what’s up…

  17. Sierra Nicole says:

    I really don’t like Kanye.He’s way too cocky and full of himself and I
    honestly don’t even think his music is that good.Idk maybe it’s just not my
    taste but I don’t see what all the hype and praise is about

  18. Nita Boo says:


  19. HailAnts says:

    Low-life no-talent n*****. Gots hisself a big-ass white woman though!
    That’s about it…