EXCLUSIVE: Lonzo Ball Reveals His Big Baller Brand Signature Shoe

EXCLUSIVE: Lonzo Ball Reveals His Big Baller Brand Signature Shoe

After months of speculation, Big Baller Brand is officially putting to rest any remaining rumors about the company’s highly anticipated next move. Lonzo Ball will become the first player to have his own independently made signature shoe entering the NBA Draft. In the video above, Lonzo explains his decision.

For more photos of the sneaker, go here: slam.ly/GNXKuY

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20 Responses

  1. Reborn says:

    Admit it, its not THAT bad

  2. YRN TJ says:

    Would never buy them but they ain’t ugly at all

  3. Nick Greco says:

    these are $495 lmao

  4. F80MTuNED says:

    Listen…. I laughed @ the price point when I first heard what his pops wanted to sell them for but in all honesty these look better than Steph shoes BY FAR and as I told everyone I know the ball family has a very good point behind pushing there own brand.

    Can’t knock someone that wants to defy the odds… salute to them even though I would never purchase a pair.

    Price em @ 80-100 now we talking… Keep in mind that PG13 and Kyrie shoes go for 100-120… just saying.

  5. SteelersLakersFan says:

    Boy if you don’t get that 2K Generic shoe tf outta here

  6. CHANKO says:

    Shoe looks dope but $495…I’m good on that lmaoo

  7. Lil says:

    Look like Kobes ??

  8. Grf says:

    That shoe has about as much personality as Lonzo.

  9. Krusty Miguel says:

    hate on them all you want it’s still cool af he got his own shoe and they’re not the worst looking shoe

  10. anu7ho says:

    Save your 500 dollars and buy a ps4 or buy 2 Jordan’s

  11. WhoDatUniverse says:

    Price Tag: $495

    If there is even one person who buys that basic ass shoe for that much, they are insane. Lonzo could have had a Nike deal and actually be making money. But Lavar is too damn cocky and think he can do this all by himself.

    Lavar needs to get his ego out of his son’s life.

  12. Josh G says:

    Who came from bleacher report???

  13. Nico Basile says:

    surprised Lavar didn’t make an appearance for this one.

  14. DAVID G says:

    $495 you must be crazy they gonna start off that much then 49.99 as Marshalls right next to Steph Curry shit lmao.

  15. DFSdiva says:

    $495?! as soon as I lace ’em up…I better ball outta my behind

  16. Ryan Kaufman says:

    Yes. They are expensive. For $495 they are very expensive. But look what he’s doing. He’s not signing with a big brand like Nike, adidas, or under armor. He’s doing his own thing. He’s not binding with these companies so he can do him, and not listen to executives. And plus, they look like a decent pair of kicks. Lonzo is making moves and he’s not even in the NBA yet. I respect that

  17. Greg Oden says:

    you can tell they put space to put a nike logo on those lmaoo.

  18. Draco says:

    *Song name is* : DC The Don – Everything 1k

  19. Dennis Rodman says:

    Basically what he’s saying to these other brands is “fuck being a new slave”. I fuck with the movement.

  20. Giannis Antetokounmpo says:

    Who the fuck is even gonna play ball in a 500$ shoe?

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