EXCLUSIVE: Mama June Heads to Show Ex Sugar Bear Her New Body on ‘From Not to Hot’

EXCLUSIVE: Mama June Heads to Show Ex Sugar Bear Her New Body on ‘From Not to Hot’

More from Entertainment Tonight: http://bit.ly/1xTQtvw
Mama June went from a size 24 to a size 4, and now she’s about to shock her ex, Sugar Bear, with the reveal! ‘From Hot to Not’ airs Friday nights on WE tv.

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20 Responses

  1. Tessa Sky says:

    To bad now he’s stuck with a fat pig with a horrible attitude who’s completely jealous and makes it extremely obvious! That’s karma for ya for being a pig yourself and NOT keeping your thing in your pants! karmas a bitch!

  2. Oroba 1990 says:

    What about ur fat kids selfish pig?

  3. Jennifer Valdez says:

    Dang she looks so much better and she ain’t missing out on her ugly ex husband lol..

  4. Miranda Sings Fan says:

    Sugar bear looks like a hill billy

  5. Holly Jaye says:

    Per her current attitude~~ she will NOT keep the weight off. In less than 2 yrs she will be back to the Mama June we all know…just LOOK at the girls. It is obvious that she has not changed her mind set…and will begin to ‘cheat’…then eat like old days again. She got ZERO mental health help…which is KEY to keeping the weight off, not having a personal trainer driving you around 24/7.

  6. tamika Gulledge says:

    most likely she will gain that weight all back BCS she didn’t work to lose it off or change anything about her self just the way she looks on the outside .

  7. Julia Hennessey says:

    Why was June the only one that lost weight

  8. Penny Lane says:

    She needs to work on that accent now

  9. Misses Brightside says:

    I can’t be happy for her after what went down with her and her oldest Anna. She got back with the scum bag who molested her! What a poor excuse for a mother…

  10. Sabrina Guzman says:

    June looks happy and that’s what matters.

  11. FooLMe Slick'Em says:

    what about her overweight children??? did she get help for them?

  12. EntyseOnline says:

    i lost 5 pounds can I have this much attention?

  13. Memes From Satan says:


  14. black puta says:

    she’s so pretty without all that fat, fat makes people look disgusting

  15. Sade Williams says:

    removing that double chin took DECADES off her! she looks fantastic..she has such pretty eyes

  16. Rick Fx says:

    “they did a lot of work to the house .. but its still the same damn house” hmmm wonder if that applies to anything else

  17. Carolyn Campbell says:

    I hope this inspires Alanna to get lean and mean. Good on June. Best of luck to her.

  18. End Game says:

    So someone who dated a KNOWN child molester (he molested one of her own kids) gets alotta weight taken off and her face weighed down with makeup and all you sad fucks jump on her bandwagon? It’s not that she’s doing better, it’s the fact that you all are sad fuckfaces!

  19. ISH GARCIA says:

    sugar want to tap that ass again.

  20. Feruan Candy says:

    AND THE bitch is still ugly ?

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