The fabulous RuPaul is married and he’s talking about it for the first time on TV!

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20 Responses

  1. virgen fj says:

    “well we got you flowers.”

  2. Saad Nuah says:

    WTF?? he is married?????condragulations mama ru????

  3. Bob Bobby says:

    I love him and Ross so much. Great interview

  4. Inita Ammons says:


  5. Dizzy Baby says:

    I knew he was married long time ago. Didn’t know it was to a white man. Cute couple ?❤?

  6. milhouse14 says:

    ConDRAGulations. ??

  7. L James says:

    he has put weight on

  8. Renato Costa says:

    Congratulations, mama Ru… God Bless you. Brazil love you…

  9. Marc Will says:

    RuPaul is an authentically beautiful Soul. He has that higher vibrational Soul energy. I have met a few famous people over the years…but honestly..the only one I have ever wanted to meet…and sit and talk with…would be RuPaul. His work is raising the energy of our world…and is truly a healer and helper. We need more Souls like RuPaul in our world!

  10. soso caty says:

    ممبروك ماما منج المال ومنه العيال?????

  11. angelfaye101 says:

    He’s mentioned his partner on an interview with Joan Rivers in 2013/2014ish. he said he was an Australian man & they had an open relationship since they lived so far apart most of the year

  12. Ye sú says:

    *WTF* ????….we got you a gift and it cuts off…the *actual FUCK* ??. Mr/ Ms. editor, am sorry my dear but you’re the *loser* of this wk’s scene editing. Now *sashay way*…Tristan(ONLY a few will get it) *shante you stay*!!

  13. Mason Myth says:



  14. Mireya Rios says:

    I love that woman’s dress but something tells me it’s hideous also. someone help???

  15. jeff hyder says:

    did he say 60 thousand and then 6 thousand ?

  16. Nikki Lee says:

    Wait…. RuPaul is GAYYY????

  17. Salem Lynch says:

    Time for Mama Ru to pop out some kids now

  18. Brandon Axel says:

    I could watch Ru for hours this was too short I blame the edit

  19. Shauncie Quinones says:

    I always thought Ru was married to Michelle Visage.

  20. Maya 2905 says:

    Rupaul is getting full in love… its seems chubby face ?

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