Exclusive Sneak Peek: Donald Trump Talks to Dr. Oz

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Donald Trump Talks to Dr. Oz

Donald Trump joins Dr. Oz in the exclusive interview everyone’s talking about.

Don’t miss Donald Trump’s appearance on The Dr. Oz Show on September 15th: http://bit.ly/2cYpPN7
Subscribe to Dr. Oz’s official YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/1VUy0Na

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel lhk says:

    meanwhile clinton relies on cnn and msnbc for coverup of her terrible
    health. Sad.

  2. Lorenzo Wyche says:

    Trump 2016

  3. Ultrajamz says:

    Hispanic moms for Trump!!!!

  4. 外国人说中文 says:

    Trump, Trump, Trump!!!

  5. Jim Nunley says:

    “Letters” are not medical records

  6. Sheri Din says:

    HAH! Oz the cnfmed agent of the JWO.

  7. Spokker says:

    Master showman.

  8. Hunter Fullerton says:

    A fraud goes to a fraud for validation

  9. TheClaySoldier says:

    List says:

  10. Oklevitch says:

    Everyone is going to freak out when their suspicions are confirmed: Donald
    Trump is a human-sized amphibian whose name is Pepe.
    Amphibians and Reptilians are mortal enemies–that’s why Hillary and Obama
    can’t stand him.

  11. Tim says:

    Hillary about to kick the can

  12. EaZee says:

    Dr. OZ is Muslim, is trump gonna kick him out lmao

  13. DoodleKaboodle says:

    Face it, you hate trump because he stands up for what’s right. You want a
    lawless society, where everything is free, and anyone can sneak over and
    get better benefits than our veterans. You want people like Mike Brown (oh
    please google images of him, he’s not a fucking saint at all) to be martyrs
    and cops to be villains. Not today you stupid fucks. We’re taking the
    country back.

  14. MrMcGregor206 says:

    Dr Oz is a doctor the same way captain crunch is a captain

  15. tretten1234 says:

    Hillary Clinton is dying!

  16. Ryan says:

    Two people who have built their careers on lies and being shitty people

  17. guitardds says:

    OvertheHillary is complete toast. She doesn’t recoup from her illness or
    her campaign.

  18. America says:

    I can’t wait for to see how insane the riots and protests are gonna be when
    Trump wins lol.

  19. Martin Mercado says:

    wow you could say this was a magical interview. the Oz effect will kick in
    giving trumpet more votes

  20. Fire says:

    Hahaha I got to say he is acting stupid . He can’t talk shit about Hilary’s
    health so instead he shows how healthy he is and let’s you fill in the
    I’m not voting for anyone but I’m enjoying the shit show.
    May the best psychopath win.