EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Behind Vin Diesel’s Groot Voice May Surprise You

EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Behind Vin Diesel’s Groot Voice May Surprise You

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Blockbuster star Vin Diesel shares with ET the advantages of not having to appear on screen in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.’

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20 Responses

  1. Bambi Diaz says:

    omg what else can’t this man do. Vin u surprise us even more

  2. Zahir Sookoor says:

    I always thought it was digitally altered or that Marvel (being very cheap) was going to find a young kid to replace him on the sequel

  3. CaviteChe says:

    WTF! Vin did not need modulation to voice baby Groot. His kids must really enjoy story time!

  4. Tandoori Mas says:

    he looks soo happy when he smiles

  5. Ashley David says:

    Really ?!?!? He voiced ” Baby Groot ” ?? I can’t believe it . But , maybe he did it .

  6. Sam Ash says:

    But Vin…GOTG 2 has sex jokes…

  7. HARLEM HEFNER says:

    saw the movie last night baby groot is so adorable lol


    his voices can’t beat my personalities etcetera

  9. Sayed I says:

    Vin must have had a hard time remembering his lines, “I am Groot”

  10. Esteban Nunez says:

    If you look closely, Vin Diesel is Adam Sandler but bigger and stronger.

  11. GOLD 1515 says:

    The Pacifier was just BADASS. I really liked that movie.

  12. Richard Ransom says:

    Vin is cool AF on the low

  13. Madcat4301 says:

    Loved this in “Iron Giant”: “Sup-er-man…”

  14. Aengelo Vargas says:

    Alot of people thinks Vin’s job as groot is easy because they dont realize that he says “i am groot” in a pretty rough voice(or in this case a cartoony voice) for abou a thousand times in different languages

  15. Samuel Gee says:

    wait wait wait, his kids cant see the pacifier, but they can see guardians of the galaxy? the pacifier is a disney movie that is for children…

  16. Satan's Left Toe says:

    I swear they probably raise the pitch even a teeny bit tbh

  17. ♛ Huffdaddy™ says:

    his kids can watch the iron giant though

  18. TheFettuck says:

    Kids can’t see Riddick? I watched the movie Pitch Black when i was 11 years old! 😛

  19. KingDusk278 says:

    But isn’t there cursing in Guardians of the Galaxy?

  20. EmmaBriana says:

    CIick Here and enjoy The surprise! ??? I hope you like it !!

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