Exercise vs Diet

Exercise vs Diet

Which is more significant for losing weight?
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20 Responses

  1. Cameron robbins says:

    Too bad I’m not fat

  2. Little Eman says:

    I just thought of something, if time travel is true in the future, and
    there has only been about 6 recorded cases of people that “was” in the
    future, why haven’t they told us we can soon time travel? It may be
    illigel, but in the future there has to be rebels… Right?

  3. Shah Gamer says:

    AsapSCIENCE PLZ I need your help I’m 16 and master-bate and I need to know
    if it will cause erectile dysfunction I’m rely scared and I am a subscriber
    so the least you can do is say yes or no thanks

  4. Moonfire27 says:

    See, I don’t want to lose weight. I want to get fit. Plus, I would rather
    have a slice of pizza, and run 30 minutes, then not eat the slice of pizza.
    I like to exercise. And I LOVE to eat. Also, currently I’m fed by someone
    else and have a limited control of my diet. But this is interesting. I’ll
    try my best to balance it out in the future.

  5. Paris&Fay says:

    Yes, BUT what about the metabolic changes that exercise produce or the
    elevation of the resting calorie burn? You forgot those factors.

  6. Jason Caballeros (NuttyFiber) says:

    my fave song does not have words…… i win??

  7. Catzer Urois says:

    I’m watching this while eating a delicious chocolate chip cookie.

  8. Meredith Coffman says:

    You should talk about how you can’t lose fat cells after you get fat, they
    just shrink and that’s why people keep gaining weight after they get fit

  9. Neth Dharmasiriwardena says:

    u guys gonna trademark ASAP science or what

  10. Tavito Silva says:

    no not diet and exercise its nutrition and exercise

  11. Katherine Hart says:

    can you guys do a video on the science of seizures?

  12. Supetorus says:

    Slowing aging and improving mental health are both things you can do
    through food too. Not to discount the benefits of exercise but just saying.

  13. Jin “hodrawrbear” Maeda says:

    at 0:47 why is that guy on the right holding a dildo

  14. ZIPEPROD says:

    Ugh already used my free trial

  15. Ranjeev Joseph says:

    Rigorous exercise + eating anything you want every 3 hours = Happiness :)

  16. Social life doomed In october of 2009 says:

    can you make a video on the science of self esteem??

  17. rockingout1018 says:

    they forgot to point out that our body burns calories just by living and
    breathing. its called by most as the resting metabolic rate. For most its
    around 2,000 calories a day

  18. neil ramroop says:

    muscle building will burn fat, but muscle weighs more than fat. So in turn
    you won’t be losing weight

  19. Dubstep Racer says:

    It’s interesting, now you said excersising helps your mental health, in
    what ways? Like does it give you more of an ego boost or is it something

  20. Maggie Thompson says:

    I do both ;)