[EXID(이엑스아이디)] 알러뷰 (I LOVE YOU) M/V (Official Music Video)

[EXID(이엑스아이디)] 알러뷰 (I LOVE YOU) M/V (Official Music Video)

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66 Responses

  1. Juan Antonio HM says:

    When someone asks what is a bop I’ll show them this

  2. preksha revankar says:

    Finally a kpop song that is trending in India! 11 on trending

  3. Lưu Tuấn Khang says:

    #22 trending in Vietnam
    You’re great job ! EXID

  4. Sueann Choong says:

    Trending on 39 in Malaysia! Cmon Malaysia exid fans we can do better than this

  5. Bành Thị Nhoi V-LEGGO says:

    #20 in VietNam

  6. Jimin's Girl says:

    First time that a smaller kpop group is trending in germany😱😍❤
    Edit: also the first time I got so many likes🙌❤

  7. YoungChae says:

    first listen & i’m hooked to this song, it’s THAT ADDICTIVE. btw, welcome back uri solji!! 😭😭💕 let’s strive for EXID’s first win at music shows! ❣️

  8. It's Me says:

    Who’s here before 4M views??

  9. Sarah Ad says:

    I love their vocals. They deserve so much more. Just my opinion but their vocals are better than blackpink.

    • Perona Peach says:

      I’m Blink too, and I agree her

    • Susan F says:

      +Sarah Ad the point here is you should not try to put BP on your opinion. You should just kept it to yourself. What if blinks will say I like BP because they have good vocals than TWICE. That is just an example. Then it will also cause bad effect to the fandom of twice. KPOP stans are really LMAO. Stop saying you’re a BLINK when you are even saying that. And mind you, Rose’s vocals are well appreciated by A LOT including IU Taeyang and even Hani of EXID. Sigh

    • seolseol seola says:

      wait where’s the correlation??? just because bp is way bigger than exid why do u feel the need to bring them down to bring up exid? that’s so immature.

    • seolseol seola says:

      Sarah Ad just learn to not compare other groups and their abilities. look at what you caused. don’t give me “it’s my opinion” bullshit. cause at the end of the day your comment created issues.

    • Sarah Ad says:

      +seolseol seola lmao i didnt even stan exid. Just today i clicked on their mv and thats the first thing came to my mind. Whtever susan i said what i said. If you read through the comments, blinks themself agreed to what i said and in fact they added and comment about bp vocals. I never mention about bp vocals are bad at all. Just because i said exid’s vocal are better than bp doesnt mean bp vocals are bad lmao. Funny

  10. Lana V. G. says:

    *By far one of the best K-Pop girl groups I’ve ever heard of. Hands down.*

  11. joohoney says:

    Wow exid never disappoint 💕💕 and Solji’s back yayyy

  12. Zero Gravity says:

    That hook is addictive. Stuck in my brain since release.

  13. Umaru says:

    Hyelin with long hair is the best thing I saw today.

  14. 徐文育 says:

    I don’t recommend you listen to this song when you have an exam. The melody will haunt your mind!!!!

  15. Florence Dim says:

    trending #11 in the US. keep streaming !!

  16. MNA TIK TOK says:

    Ai VN đang xem điểm danh !!!!

  17. kateEXO-L song says:

    i was searching for EXO but my fingers betrayed me and bring me here but it’s worth it. im so inlove with the song and jeonghwa.

  18. Kpop Person says:

    *EXID Deserve More Fans! Their Song’s Are Super Catchy And Different In A Good Way! EXID Have So Much Talent, They Deserve More Attention! And Their Visual’s And Body’s Are Totally Goal’s! We Need More LEGO’S! 1Like=1Stan*

  19. Kim HS says:

    [EXID(이엑스아이디)] 알러뷰 (I LOVE YOU) M/V (Official Music Video)

    2018.11.21 11PM KST: 805,277
    2018.11.22 11PM KST: 3,174,862
    *Today : 2,369,585 views*
    Commented from KPOP.link

  20. Andrea Portillo says:

    EXID has it all!
    TOP vocals
    TOP rapper (Plus let’s not forget about how LE is a great producer and songwriter)
    TOP vissuals
    TOP dance line
    TOP everything!

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