Explanation of where the shooting took place on Las Vegas Strip

Explanation of where the shooting took place on Las Vegas Strip

Beth Fisher shows where the shooting took place on the Las Vegas Strip. The shooting happened during the Route 99 country music festival on Sunday night,

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  1. Andrew Herman says:

    And the psych-op push continues. Every month or two: Illuminati mass human sacrifices of varying degrees all under the same plan….gun control, gun confiscation, martial law. The same formula the Socialists always use. Once martial law is in place, you’ll be directed to the nearest FEMA Camp for ‘processing.’ Most will not make it out of those camps.

  2. Yolo Swaggins says:

    Google earth is the shit!
    You could fullscreen tho.
    Also win 7.

    Oh yeah, and the shooting.

  3. Coat of many colors says:

    strong drink makes for trouble. They all should have been at home resting and getting ready for work this week. Jason can fly off with no problems.

  4. Alo says:

    I’m not white I’m OJ

  5. Captain Beyond says:

    Fake staged event.The coming days will shed light on the agenda that this hoax was performed to support.

  6. leo A says:

    Set up by Hilary and her goons..By Bye 2nd Amend..

  7. Scameron44 says:

    ohhh noooo!!!!!! .The shooter guy is white? Thats no good to The Donald ..he needs a brown shooter guy……nevermind , put a travel ban on Ethiopia

  8. Mary Grills says:

    There were absolutely NO muzzel flash!! If the smoke set off fire alarm where are the flashes? Check out wellaware1.com to learn how to spot a fake event is done!!! The words event and actors are also clues!

  9. Taylor Made says:

    This is what piers Morgan was on about i know use Americans don’t like him and us Brits don’t either but he was spot on about the gun control .why don’t use just make semi autos illegal


    It is Machine Gun.. 100 round bullet.

  11. lllHyPhEnlll says:

    That muzzle flash seems pretty weak for a machine gun. Just saying

  12. MildlyAnnoyedAHM says:

    I saw another video by another man, who was eating in Harrah’s when this mass murder took place. Guests were ordered under the tables there. Mandalay Bay – and this concert venue – are at the Southern end of the Strip. Harrah’s is way up toward the Northern end of the Strip!

  13. Owen A says:

    He is white so this is not a terrorist attack
    the shooter was a white guy
    maybe he has problems or sick
    stop calling him a terrorist before you know the reason please

  14. John doe says:

    what kind of a psycho would do this?!!!

  15. StanWinTV says:

    omg…..this is beyond crazy* it’s so hard to *grasp* what happened, but it *happened*

  16. Prince of Darkness says:

    August 14, 2017

    A Beverly Hills company called “Crowds On-Demand” is currently advertising for Paid protestors here in Las Vegas. They appear to be gearing up for protests in Las Vegas in the very near future. The Craigslist ad was posted 7 days ago.

    From the Craigslist Ad:

    “Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic participants in the Las Vegas area. Our events include everything from rallies to protests to corporate PR stunts. The biggest qualification is enthusiasm, a “can-do” spirit. Pay will vary by event but typically ranges from $15-20 per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/public transit.”  For more information about us, please visit http://www.crowdsondemand.com

    Crowds on Demand was started by Adam Swart, a bay area liberal who once worked for AOL and Jerry Brown as recently as 2010.

    “Before starting Crowds on Demand, Adam worked as a Reporter for AOL’s Patch sites, in product management positions at various Bay Area start-up companies, and as a political organizer for campaigns including Jerry Brown’s successful election as Governor of California in 2010.”

  17. Tar heels 215 says:

    Sadly that number of 2 and 24 is no where close to the final total…..SMDH

  18. Christopher Philip Reyes says:

    The downward firing made it sound like it was on street level. Crazy people with guns = more violence.

  19. Sam Sam says:

    is not he a terrorist now? or just it’s just if he’s a Muslim

  20. ralph goober says:

    ya manz and Ryann , You are real tough name calling with a key board LMAO . I guess tough men like you will protect me when we get invaded by 30 million Mexicans , how many did you 2 stop with your guns ? . also I am going to rely an strong men like you 2 to stop an ICBM attack with your guns.Get grip on reality all the guns in the USA are not going to stop 1 ICBM

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