Exploding Spray Paint at 2500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Exploding Spray Paint at 2500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan seem to have lost their paint brushes. However, not all is lost. They are The Slow Mo Guys after all. Do not try at home!
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Exploding Paint Cans at 2500fps – The Slow Mo Guys
Filmed at 2500fps with the Phantom Flex

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19 Responses

  1. Joel Rivera says:

    I’d cop.

  2. andrew Gradilla says:

    I did this three years so with a axe, I was only 11, and I thought the can
    was empty enough to not spray and explode, but, it’s went in my eyes, hair,
    and face and I RAN around my friends backyard blind, since that’s where we
    were. He told me I should do it, and I unfortunately listened, but it is a
    great story to tell

  3. Tadeo Maradiaga says:

    i went to the eBay page, WHY IS THERE A HAVE ONE TO SELL BUTTON

  4. childish gamboner says:

    7:59 my aesthetic

  5. ‫هه هه‬‎ says:


  6. Chris Meyer says:

    Funhaus shirt!!

  7. darknight741 says:

    the painting is actually really nice

  8. Jack Noble says:

    Do it with silly string

  9. Slav e30 says:

    Damm 67,000 for the painting???

  10. Elliott Harris says:

    Had to end in an auction, no other way to do it.

  11. daniel awl says:


  12. Ozzey23 says:

    Does he have a pornhub shirt?

  13. David Parks says:

    Dan sounds like John Snow.

  14. zizonator says:

    10 hours later, blue spray paint still spinning in the air

  15. Hunter Johnson says:

    67,000$ for that painting. oh my god XD

  16. niel Grimm says:

    chucking the can

  17. Shrek Is Drek says:

    Sledge from rainbow six

  18. InsaneXWaffles says:

    Sub to me and I’ll sub back comment done

  19. Pyro Gamer says:

    the new csgo axe fade