Explosion in downtown L.A. injures multiple firefighters

Explosion in downtown L.A. injures multiple firefighters

An explosion in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday caused a large fire that quickly spread to several buildings and left multiple firefighters injured, authorities said.

The blast occurred about 6:30 p.m. at 327 E. Boyd Street, near Little Tokyo, according to LAFD. It sent flames and a huge column of black smoke into the air that could be seen for miles.

Bits of paper, like charred confetti, rained down on the neighborhood, according to some witnesses. The streets were full of onlookers who were pushed back by police and firefighters.


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88 Responses

  1. Marshall Rimmer says:

    When the government shuts down your business but you still have to pay your mortgage…. Commit insurance fraud?

    • joel ferguson says:

      Ivan_van_Ogre you sound like me!!

    • Hilda Hernandez says:

      Marshall Rimmer you think?

    • gisforgary says:

      that area is under heavy gentrification, and it a block of head shops. easy to do the math.

    • Wintergreen 1 says:

      joel ferguson Really? Here comes another PC savior of mankind making sure people can’t say anything that they think is offensive….first, learn what discrimination means. It is an act or condition, not a saying or speech. You must be one of those still stuck in the Obama era when Big Mike was in charge of what you ate and thought & said.

    • Make It Make Sense says:


  2. Aissata Bangoura says:

    shout out to first responders in 2020! They really be risking their lives nowadays

    • SSG Squidward says:

      Aissata Bangoura it’s their job, don’t thank people for doing their job

    • Colleen W says:

      Considering the fact that so many people criticize people for doing the exact same job, I think it’s important to show appreciation. Many dangerous jobs people chose for the sake of helping others.

    • Steve Wayda says:

      @Colleen W Yeah, I’m sure cops really care about helping people when they hide behind overpasses and give a shit ticket to someone barely getting by for doing 5 mph over the limit .

    • Dorothy Weber says:

      @Joshua Christolear ㅣ

    • Erik Menendez says:

      Steve Wayda Lol c’mon dude. I’m 32 and that’s only happened to me once in my life – and I was in fact speeding so 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Geiger Tec says:

    All that butane for processing weed into wax wasted.

  4. Alcaeus89 says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone talk about fire fighting in tactical terms like that, almost like a military general. It’s a good thing this quarantine put less lives at risk

    • Richard Hipolito says:

      There’s a whole schooling for a reason, so many approaches and measures must be taken to ensure the emergency is contained.

    • Mike Elbow says:

      @David Tauriainen Well that was a good laugh.

    • S. G. says:

      Somber. Maybe the screw up Major of Los Angeles (and other cities), will get off their butts and do what’s right during this HOAX Plandemic…..RETURN LIFE TO NORMAL. And who elected him God?

    • william carter says:

      Am a retired marine he’s what leadership looks like competent and too the point and not afraid of the big moments.. Unlike a small hands fat guy who has about much honor as a fox in the hen house 🏡

    • Erik Menendez says:

      Edward O Imagine that building filled with two or three times as many people?

  5. Red Neck says:

    Used to be a firefighter, ain’t easy.

    Hope you folks are ok.

  6. AwkwardRainbowPotato says:

    Holy cow this is horrible I really hope all of the firefighters wounded have a speedy recovery.

  7. Cole Bagodoodoo says:

    These hash oil labs shouldn’t be in commercial areas. This is crazy.

    • Sean D says:

      @S. G. For those of us who personally have lost loved ones, this pandemic isn’t a hoax, and people that believe it is a hoax will ultimately be the ones causing more to die. I hate to wish tragedy on anyone, but I’m starting to believe that the only way many of you will believe that this is real and needs to be taken very seriously, is for you to also lose someone that you love as well.

    • ヨルダンBlatt says:

      It’s all a cover up, this was really an explosion from an 5g Tower, don’t let the media fool you. When have I ever lied?

    • Anonymous Anonymous says:

      you can’t have them in residential areas either,it’s simply not possible to get agricultural land in a city such as we saw there,when you start adding regulations such as this you’re doing the exact same thing that made cannabis illegal to begin with you needed the cannabis to get the tax stamp but if you didn’t have the stamp yet the cannabis was illegal

    • TTLt106 says:

      Absolutely!! They should be in schools, hospitals and churches where they belong! The catholic church really needs to step up to the plate here.

    • Chas Stack says:

      @D G 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Russell Westbrick says:

    Somebody get Cole Phelps on this case, on a serious note I hope everyone is okay🙏🏻

  9. SeaBass Gorka says:

    THIS is how to give a press statement as a public official. Kudos to that fire captain

    • Damian Lord says:

      @SmokeEater People do care. Why do we insist on voting retards, pedophile enablers, and rapists into the highest office in the land when we have plenty of “ordinary” people that can do the presidents job better then he can? It doesn’t make sense. There is 300+ million people in the US and conservatively speaking 30 million people would do a better job then Trump or Biden. We should have higher standards for the highest office in the land. I watch tech, business, law enforcement, and financial events and I always shake my head because these speakers should be the ones running the country. Maybe it’s a reflection of our deterioration as a country – insane people voting in morally deprived idiots with dementia, health problems, and horrible communication skills. This country is going to shit.

    • JayE Smoke says:

      For sure

    • awaisis says:

      non psycho public servants who actually want to serve their communities.

    • JJ Edwards says:

      poi2lkj3mnb no they aren’t they’re just as scummy as the police.

    • Bat Boy says:

      They all got contact high.

  10. J Paterson says:

    Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for all that have been injured.

  11. Sean Haggard says:

    Business goes down, might see some more “lightning” strikes.

    • ltachi526 says:

      Smart man. You know the cabal is behind it when it’s described as an act of god. They use the “2:23” video length to confirm this is related to secret societies like skull and bones of Yale

    • James Martinez says:

      It was a dispensary that makes BHO which is very explosive in the process

    • Johnathan Pike says:

      Definitely not in Detroit though. So many bad business start ups who had money but no idea to stand apart from the thousands of weed places.

    • Cali Prynce says:

      @James Martinez No, they were suppliers. So they had piles of butane on hand , either way

  12. jaknap1 says:

    The American media would be more respected if they only reported facts just like that fireman spokesperson.

    • Bill Randleman says:

      @Chris M Keep swilling down opt-ed as news.

    • roadkill serna says:

      The president would have alot more respect if he started acting like one and not some drunken prom date with only her Twitter account open to talk.

    • Tavish Lopez says:

      JamesAllmond lol well if you truly believe I’m not sure what to tell you. I’m not sure where you were during the divisive rhetoric the other side would spew at Obama during his first election and entire presidency. Point being, these issues existed before Donald Trump and his father. And until we as a people band together to right the wrongs of our nation’s past, they will persist beyond his presidency. And we will continue to elect leaders who do not care about what’s best for the American people but rather what’s best for a small minority of American people.

    • Bat Boy says:

      Thats one helluva Snoop Dogg doom plume.

    • Bat Boy says:

      They should have put on some Cypress Hill, and kicked back.

  13. Joseph Nichols says:

    Refreshing to see a press conference given where the spokesman did not require fifty people to stand behind him.

  14. larzuga1 says:

    The speech sounds rehearsed. It’s darn perfect! Speakers need to learn from this guy. He actually knows how to give a press conference.

    • James Toland says:

      Yeah it sounds rehearsed like someone gave him a script to read… hmmmm who could that be perhaps anti marijuana interests…. smdh wake up

    • The Rage Commenter says:

      James Toland it’s the script he wrote himself with all the important facts idiot. You can literally see him reading off his paper. Not everything in life is a conspiracy.

    • Uncle&Nephew Fitness says:

      @James Toland this was totally out of left field 😳. Sound like a loon.

  15. Dumpster Jedi says:

    “Smoke Tokes” and “makes butane honey oil” yeah it’s a weed processing site

  16. Banglaroad says:

    we going to see more of these type of fires out of the blue since all business are down owners will try insurance claims to recover lost

  17. Florida Huntsman says:

    He was professional. Looks like some heros to me. God bless y’all.

  18. rolla.18 S says:

    Fireman gave straight facts no bullshit like news media.

    • Danny Burzun says:

      Zac Lodro
      Propaganda was able to trick entire nations into turmoil and war.
      news outlets, magazines, reporters and editors are all part of that system.

      Especially when considering that there’s only 5tv news companies in America- there’s always agenda.

    • Perfect Dumbass says:

      Where is the real news? Should I watch CNN, or Fox? Everything on the news is always legit.. right?

    • RealityHurts923 says:

      Danny Burzun The problem is the people, not tot the media, unless you blame video games too for violence.

    • buppie2000 says:

      @LabbyShepherd Puppy So you are simply imagining dialogue with a reporter and then criticizing the imaginary dialogue.. WOW! Talk about FAKE!
      BTW, the LA Times is WHOLLY responsible for the entire piece.

    • RiderZero says:

      Probably CNN: 11 firefighters, one who’s related to someone with coronavirus, injured.

  19. 67buzzo says:

    I learned something today , butane honey oil is also known as “hash oil” cannabis resin …

    • Danny s says:

      Yup. Very versatile form of cannabis used to make different types of products such as trans-dermal patches, oil based tincture drops, lozenges, food-based products, etc. Just a shame this facility was not operating safely especially when dealing with volatile gases like Butane. This makes me re-consider giving out licenses for processing with Butane so freely. Co2 should be the choice for those who cannot pass the stricter safety requirements for working with hydrocarbons like Butane, Propane, Hexane etc.

    • aint nothing says:

      @Danny s “god I wish those cops would open fire” hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm

  20. YourUglygod says:

    I’m wondering how hard is for a FireFigther to say “cannabis oil” in LA.

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