Explosion Takes Place Near New York City Port Authority | TODAY

Explosion Takes Place Near New York City Port Authority | TODAY

NBC News researcher Christian Santana is on the scene near the New York Port Authority in midtown Manhattan, where an explosion has taken place and there is a heavy concentration of police, ambulances and bomb squads. Jonathan Dienst of New York’s WNBC reports one minor injury and one person in custody.

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Explosion Takes Place Near New York City Port Authority | TODAY

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88 Responses

  1. Super says:

    Why does no other network reporting this on YouTube? Good job Today.

  2. 100% Truth says:

    America is babylon the great in the bible and will be destroyed by nukes.

  3. Ireland Shay says:

    Let’s just hope everyone is safe

  4. Paracelsus says:

    But dying in Islamic violence is just part and parcel of living in a big city …

    • Huskie says:

      Paracelsus Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Klang, Singapore… These are cities/countries that I have stayed in with no attacks ever. Living in a big city does not mean terrorist attacks.

    • nick taiariol says:

      Drone bombings are a result of Islamic terrorism

    • Paracelsus says:

      A Handsome Gentleman quoting 4 year old data which neglects every attack in the last 365 days. Typical Canadian, aren’t you kneeling to a queen in courtesy. Your entire country has the sum of 1/8th the amount of illegal migrant workers in LA, your scale of reference is bologna.

    • omghegotagun says:

      FanGirl-ish bomber admitted it was Isis inspired. It is islamic. Do you always run your mouth to play denial before the facts come out?

  5. Dominicandante says:

    pretty sure its the punisher

  6. Zach Justice says:

    There are ads on this video. Wtf

  7. Royal Ninja says:

    I can bet it was Allah Hu Akbar Explosion

    Don’t click view all Replies

  8. Jacob. says:

    this world is trash.

  9. GALACTIC RlG says:


  10. Brandon Tolon says:

    Each like i get will be a prayer for New York👍👏

  11. Justen Peterson says:

    Freemasonry strikes again!

  12. renzo andolcetti says:

    call the avengers

  13. See it or Flick it. says:

    Yep distract the public right before net Neutrality is destroyed.

  14. Nechronics says:

    Anyone else hear someone yell its the government when the call started?

  15. Alex Sanchez says:

    Its Just a matter of time before Trump sends one of his classic tweets!

  16. frank segura says:

    Thank God everyone is ok

  17. Yvonne Jones says:

    And yet pedestrians are crossing the street just feet away without any warning. Why isn’t this ‘dangerous’ area blocked off?

  18. Shadysaur says:

    I love how none of the comments actually relate to the explosion, it’s just all hate comments towards other races, pretty hilarious to read imo 😂

  19. take me seriously says:

    “peaceful religion” yeah okay

    • Get Rekt, M8 says:

      Lara Croft
      Mary, mother of Jesus(pbuh), was 12 when she married with Joseph which was 90! Now leave and return to your bible!!

    • Hunter Zolomon says:

      Moana Akayed Ullah. Definitely a white, Republican Christian

    • omghegotagun says:

      Adam Hoteit the religion itself is not based in peace. Not all Muslims participate in the violence (duh) but they all follow an ideology that is intolerant of others. Especially jews.

    • omghegotagun says:

      Checkmatehyena00 that’s literally untrue. Last major Christian driven military campaign was the crusades. Jihad continued for centuries after that.

    • adam says:

      Adam Hoteit all the confirmed muslems that bomb are extremest idk your relegion though so idl where that line is

  20. POTATHOE CLIK says:


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