Explosive Popcorn Maker at 10,000FPS – The Slow Mo Guys

Explosive Popcorn Maker at 10,000FPS – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan make some instant explosive popcorn while capturing the glory at 10,000FPS.
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/theslowmoguys
Filmed with the Phantom VEO 4K and T4040
Explosive Popcorn Maker at 10,000FPS – The Slow Mo Guys

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48 Responses

  1. Leonhard Euler says:

    Good to know that Dan has a lot of confidence in the integrity of the popcorn maker (he says with a bandaged up hand).

  2. PressA2Die says:

    You know there is going to be a good video coming out in the future when Dan has unexplained bandages on.

    • WD Hewson says:

      Do we know what happened to Dan?

    • Ryanthusar says:

      @WD Hewson- I came to the comments to find that out as well. From the looks he may have cut/burn it his palm on something, enough to warrant the bandage. Sure hope it wasnt anything to do with the vid today, because that banage was fresh and the fact he wasnt using the hand made it look like it was done within the past 12 to 24 hours.

    • Yaya says:

      @Ryanthusar I’m guessing they recorded another video before this one where Dan injured his hand and they haven’t released that video yet

    • Andrew B says:

      speculation – steam burn?

    • Blobfish says:

      Gav should release a second channel supercut of every time Dan gets hurt

  3. Blobfish says:

    I’ll never get sick of Dan, Explosives Expert, shielding himself behind crappy folding tables 😂

  4. Dan42 says:

    Quick tip for the rice trick, use whole grain rice instead of white rice. The “pop” comes from the release of water inside the kernel. A lot of this comes from the endosperm that is removed when white rice is refined. The bran and outer husk will increase the pressure inside the rice kernel as well so more of them should pop.

  5. Chris Daniel says:

    Those poppers are normally used with tea lights (mini candles) had you used a candle and not the blow torch the pop corn and rice likely would not have been burnt. The candle allows the temperature and pressure to build slowly giving more uniform puffing to the food.

    • Isak Viklund says:

      I cannot believe that I’ve never heard the English translation of “värmeljus” before, and that I’ve never thought of finding out.

    • NoTraceFound says:

      @Isak Viklund To be clear, teljus is also a word for them in Swedish, it’s the older word even! They came about to use to keep tea kettles warm hence the name.

    • Chris Daniel says:

      @Isak Viklund The tea lights in the US are about 38 mm (1.5 inches) in diameter and 13 mm (0.5 inches) tall and come in a thin aluminum cup typically with a single wick.

    • Isak Viklund says:

      @Chris Daniel It’s the exact same here

    • Huge Gamer says:

      Im afraid tea candles are just for people with patience, and an abundance of fingers.

  6. ElectroBOOM says:

    I was in China once and passed a street vendor lady using this… thing… just a bit larger! and when we where away like 50 meters I heard an explosion and lady screaming! I really hope she is ok… But these things are not probably the best practice for pop corn making! Can the metal really handle the pressure? Is the pressure gauge accurate?!

    • Idsertian says:

      More importantly: Can it be made into something useful that can conduct electricity for cooking?

    • George Downing says:

      I feel the only way for these to be safe is to build them like actual cannons, with at least thick enough walls and thin enough lid & seal in a safe orientation to prevent explosion and fragmentation..

      also hi Medhi 🙂 I like when you speaked the language of morse code for the first time in human history in your electric guitar video

    • Kevin Luo says:

      Can you make popcorn by zapping the kernels repeatedly?

    • TheRealAlpha2 says:

      I would imagine the latch is the weakest portion of the whole contraption and thus the path of least resistance is the intended opening if the thing was going to blow at all.

    • Skinflaps Meatslapper says:

      I mean they’ve only been using them for hundreds of years, so we’ll probably never know if the handle can take the pressure.

  7. Beach Buggy Race Bro says:

    I’ve lived in China for 22 years and you used to see much bigger ones on the street markets exploding into sacks! The sound was immense!

  8. Pierce Arner says:

    _“Snap, Crackle, and _*_BANG!”_* was an amazing joke by Dan.

  9. The Ghost Of Fred Zeppelin says:

    Are we just supposed to ignore the fact that Dan is holding a miniature shovel at 4:40 without any explanation or backstory?

    • Konrad the Wizzard says:

      It’s attention build-up for the next episode: explosive shrink ray in slow motion. That’s how Dan got his injury – a little mishap with the shrink ray in reverse while handling the garden rake (the shovel was fine though).

    • Bernardo Pérez says:

      @Konrad the Wizzard A shrink ray has to be the only explanation, why would anyone make a miniature shovel when we have spoons…

    • Mister Gaming says:

      Isn’t that the handle thingy he yanks on to open the small pressure cooker?

    • Spillerrec says:

      @Mister Gaming No, it really is just a funny looking spoon he uses to dig out the contents of the pressure cooker, you can clearly see it at 6:55.

    • Tomelena says:

      if i had to guess i’d say its probably something for moving around gunpowder or similar, which they’re probably using for another video in that shooting session

  10. intocoasters says:

    The slow mo videos are always fun however, it’s your banter that brings me back every time.
    I laughed so much during this episode. Thank you guys!

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