Exposing The Most EMBARRASSING Things From My Childhood Bedroom *CRINGE*

Exposing The Most EMBARRASSING Things From My Childhood Bedroom *CRINGE*

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41 Responses

  1. 는K8IES says:

    You all dressed so nice and andrew lookin like a whole meal ??❤❤

  2. Raven Stephens says:

    this video second hand triggered me because like GIRL WE HAD THE SAME CHILDHOOD !!

  3. Els says:

    if you were comfortable doing it a mental health video would be good!!! lots of love <3

  4. Ashley Dowell says:


    • Lexi B says:

      why do people do that? No shade but im legally blind. It would be amazing to wake up seeing clearly.Don’t take it for granted.. I always got bullied for my glasses but now theyre”trendy”

    • Ashley Dowell says:

      Lexi B girl I don’t know I was in second grade and wanted glasses I didn’t know any better

      And now I have to wear glassss to see so ?‍♀️

    • Lexi B says:

      +Ashley Dowell thats probably why then. Growing up I heard a myth, the longer u wear them.. the better ur vision gets, if only that was true?

    • Potatoes VEVO says:

      Lexi B same ugh. They’re literally so inconvenient at all times. I can’t even take mirror selfies without my glasses because I can’t see the mirror. And my vision has been decreasing every year. I’m pretty sure my vision is like 20/50 or something I’m not sure but, I FAILED AN EYE TEST WITH MY GLASSES ON. so. And your hair will always get caught in the corner where the arm bends and the slightest tap on the side of the frame hurts your nose like you’ve been punched. It makes me actually mad when people wear fake glasses. I mean I’m not gonna blame a little kid if they just think glasses are cool and don’t actually know what they are, but grown people who do it for fashion are so annoying. That sounded very angry, but it wasn’t meant to be oof

    • Potatoes VEVO says:

      Lexi B I have a genuine fear of going blind within a few years. I hope I’ll be able to get lasik when I’m older

  5. Philippe Parle Peu says:

    Andrew in a suit. ?

  6. Dreamsbane says:

    Little Morgan didnt suffer all her life to be shamed like this !!!!!!!! >:(

  7. Cabenson4eva says:

    Shane’ssmiling face when Morgan called him her brother melted my stone cold heart ?

  8. spicy dad says:

    Wow why can’t my parents be that excited when they see me

  9. cynthia g says:

    “and my other brother, shane won youtuber of the year.” ???

  10. Gaby says:

    OMG I need someone to surprise Morgan with Kevin Jonas (Shane? Ryland? are you there?).

  11. laica Mofan says:

    Can I just say how cute it was when she called Shane her brother.

  12. victoria Lopez says:


  13. Kara Kuenning says:

    Can’t craft?!? Look at the outfits you made for Morgan-chella???

  14. hailee628 says:


  15. Jordan Mark says:

    Ryland: “Tyler Dawson-Adams”
    Andrew: “It’s Tyler Adams-Dawson, you got it wrong.”

    When Andrew stans Tyler more than Ryland does

  16. lala says:

    8:57 your bookmarks?
    “25 biggest signs of emotional paralysis”
    “your abuse doesnt define you”

    • Ruth Broekhuysen says:

      lala and at 8:59 if you pause it it say 10 signs you need mental health treatment

    • Trash Daddy says:

      No offense but if she wants to get better spreading this is damaging. We should all respect her privacy.

    • Jillian McGlothlin says:

      lala yep I recognized the heart right away. At least she’s being active about it ??????? love you Morgan

  17. Sarah Copeland says:

    Don’t worry my mom was the only one who bought me valentines candy and a stuffed animal every year lol

  18. tamia inaliel says:

    absolutely no one:
    ryland: *showing his hand with his engagement ring every 2 seconds* ?????
    i stan

  19. Cerx Nylx says:

    I miss Garrett and Benjamin
    Who else?

  20. Dan Sullivan says:

    *i love that Ryland was Justin’s stunt double* ?

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