EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 1-2 Atletico Madrid | Dias scores in narrow defeat to Atletico

EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 1-2 Atletico Madrid | Dias scores in narrow defeat to Atletico


Manchester City completed our pre-season tour of Asia with a 2-1 defeat to Atletico Madrid in Seoul.

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43 Responses

  1. 饾柍饾棃饾棏饾梻饾柤饾柖饾棏饾棌饾棆饾棃_饾惛饾捁饾捑饾搲饾搱 says:

    This wasn’t even like a friendly match. This game was such an entertainer for the fans and everyone watching and yet an intense one aswell.

    • MrVVulf says:

      Most preseason games of competitive clubs aren’t. Players on both sides are vying for positions, trying to impress their teammates and coaches to earn spots on the regular rotation.

    • Osbie says:

      Post season is for players to show themselves. It shouldn’t be friendly lol

    • Algojo says:

      Atleast doesn’t have any kind of dumb trackle lllike from Barca camp. Tackling like an ametuer player who can’t differentiate between friendly and actual match. Even bad tackle mostly

    • Josue amaya says:

      Partidaso del atletico Madrid

    • Honsy says:

      There os no friendly game anymore. Back in the days big teams was making their pr茅paration against small club and sometimes offer them all the incomes generated.
      Nowdays they all sell themselves to foreign promoteur for millions of Euros.

  2. QBW 88 says:

    What a goal from Carrasco… The run the feinting, the finish

  3. Luke DK says:

    I鈥檓 a city fan but I have to give credit to Depay for that amazing goal

  4. Brandon James says:

    The fan atmosphere was surprisingly electrifying 鈿★笍馃槅

  5. Digital Nomad says:

    That soft touch pass to the second goal 馃敟

  6. IsolestiK says:

    This was like a uefa champs match damn well played by both teams.

  7. Ashish says:

    City needs KDB to be fit as he is the main creator. Also without him, it will be difficult for Halland to thrive. He can still be PL’s top scorer but the goal counts will certainly reduce. If Cancello stays he will boost a lot of attacking plays.

    • Taitea Kopyte says:

      It is starting to sound like City are a one-man-team with KDB馃槄馃槄

    • Scout says:

      @Taitea Kopyte Two man team, tbf. Haaland and De Bryune run the show. Without them, City would be able to defend moderately but would have absolutely no outlet in attack.

    • Delboi says:

      Thanks for the insightful analysis Liverpool fans.馃┑馃弳馃弳馃弳馃┑

    • zeldoms says:

      It鈥檚 pre season and not there starting team鈥

    • Mark Thuo says:

      鈥婡Scoutfalse. When Kdb was injured back in the 2018/19 season, City were still dominant and played some great football. Pep is not the kind of manager that relies on just one player. Also, City is not dependent on Haaland for goals. Before Haaland arrived, City were scoring goals with their midfielders and wingers especially after Aguero left. Now, they have Alvarez who is clinical as well.

  8. John Mccarter says:

    awakenbeerus said the exact score again. that guy is crazy.

  9. Stephane Henry says:

    Can just see everyone enjoying the game we love and getting fit meanwhile.

  10. BrummieGaming says:

    7:11 1st goal
    8:06 2nd Goal
    9:03 3rd Goal

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