Extended Highlights: USA 1-0 Mexico – 2021 Gold Cup Final

Extended Highlights: USA 1-0 Mexico – 2021 Gold Cup Final

🎥 Extended Highlights: Re-watch the best moments of 🇺🇸 United States’ 1-0 victory over 🇲🇽 Mexico in Las Vegas. #USMNT clinches their 7th title! 🏆

#GoldCup21 #ThisIsOurs #OurFinal

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58 Responses

  1. Mack Vaclaw says:

    I started watching this game not knowing what to expect with so many U.S. stars gone but U.S stepped up and I’m proud of them. They got big things ahead.

    • Codey Stetler says:

      @Brandon Cardona lmao not even talent for a C team. Most of those players won’t be backups on the World Cup roster. Or even make the preliminary. This was the C team. Get over it. Turner wasn’t even top 3 choice keepers a few months ago, sands never played for the national team competitively, Dike in his first tournament after only his second yr professionally, literally we have 4-5 keepers vying for a spot, 4-6 strikers, midfield is ridiculously deep and yes this was a C choice if not D choice center back pairing based on who we’ve chosen so far. So get over it

    • Dhruv Sarkar says:

      @Sk3ptic_NRA true, but still, losing to a C team? At least if its a US A team they lost to then I would not be surprised. Mexico A/B team losing to a US C team is just unacceptable.

    • Hezzy. says:

      Yea it was their second team that’s craxy

    • RL22 says:

      @Alejandra Torres They had some of their best players lmao excuses corona, Alvarez, Herrera, araujo, Dos santos…. USA brought no one

    • Anthony Guerrero says:

      I’m down for the Mexican team. Today the better team won. Congrats to the U.S. team.

  2. Argentino Forro says:


  3. Juan Bautista Alberdi says:


  4. Daniel Sugar says:

    I’m a Revolutuon supporter and extremely pumped to see our starting goalkeeper performing outstandingly in the Gold Cup!

    • Liam Inc. says:

      Yeah I gotta say he made it hard for the US

    • alex simon says:

      He’ll be a Premier league player soon. What a goalkeeper. Great job.

    • Manchester is red says:

      @SuperSkipMaster yes actually you do sing chants all the time at inter Miami they have this massive supporter section and they sing the whole game and they do it a a lot of teams so maybe next time get more knowledge

    • S.Rob.M says:

      I truly believe in my heart of hearts that Zach Steffen would have conceeded goals during this tournament and possibly changed the outcome. Although Zach is much better with his feet, Turner is my #1 goal keeper due to his insane shot stopping ability.

    • Daniel Mejia says:

      @SuperSkipMaster do you think there are no supporters groups here? do you think we all sit in silence?

  5. Danny G says:

    MVP of this game was Matt Turner, hands down.

  6. Jose Garcia Jr. says:

    Mexico fans yesterday “we should be in CONMEBOL, CONCACAF is easy” 😂🤡

  7. CMD 3 says:

    The team depth stepped up HUGE in this tournament. Turner has given a real case to challenge for the #1, and I think Berhalter will have some decisions to make before the start of qualification.

    But for the love of God, keep Arriola of the pitch. He’s just not good.

    • Daniel Thompson says:

      Yeah he’s bad, not only the open goal, but also really basic passes, I think he’s borderline USL level

    • Cole Stabinger says:

      He can’t shoot

    • justaspoonfulofsniders says:

      Feel the same, he’s not that good

    • Burntorangeboy says:

      With his performance, both Turner and Robinson made cases to make b team, but they aren’t beating out our stars in Europe

    • Matthew Pugliese says:

      Recency Bias is real man. This guy probably thought the same thing about Ethan Horvath a month ago. Guess what both are extremely wrong and it’s no close. Good for Turner. Maybe this will help solidify him making the roster but that’s the goal

  8. LeoAngel67 says:

    GG USA from a Mexican! Y’all played great and deserved the win. 🇺🇸🇲🇽

  9. Jesus Guevara says:

    Me alegro por EEUU🇺🇲🏆🏆… Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷

  10. Box Of Chocolate says:

    This also makes the MLS look good because this is 90% MLS players

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