Extreme $1,000,000 Minecraft Challenge!

Extreme $1,000,000 Minecraft Challenge!

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I challenged six YouTubers to compete for $1,000,000!


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18 Responses

  1. OliviaOlive says:

    The amount of effort and coding that must have been put into this deserves nothing but respect

  2. Xavier says:

    Imagine if he put all this development work into a minecraft server network or a monthly streamed event. It would be so cool.

  3. KRMStudioZ says:

    the setup and the programmer / player is so good

  4. DezzyDayy says:

    jimmy literally never disappoints on any of his channels. i can’t imagine having that level of creativity

  5. Xavier says:

    So funny how MrBeast says Sapnap is a “small YouTuber”

  6. Sayori says:

    The coding team needs more recognition. They are the real MVPs here ❤️

  7. iU Cube says:

    We must have appreciation for the development team here, also MrBeast’s idea to have monthly event for us, this is purely dedication and so much effort too !!! They absolutely nailed this video

  8. Yash Singh says:

    I just want Jimmy to know that he doesn’t need to put million dollars or any amount of money in each of these videos to keep them interesting,i hope he knew his content is already good enough.

  9. Doofing Cookies says:

    Petition for Jimmy to make things like this into a server( without the ridiculous spending)


    3:48 *Im honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, keep it up!!*

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