Extreme $500,000 Game Of Tag!

Extreme $500,000 Game Of Tag!

I did not expect that to happen at the end…
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42 Responses

  1. Dam says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy was actually an evil researcher testing how long he can keep humans captive with money of the line

  2. MrBeast says:

    If you subscribe you could be in one of these videos one day 🙂

  3. ZOMG says:

    Chandler outran the cameraman? IMPOSSIBLE
    I thought cameramans were the fastest thing in the universe

  4. 20k Sᵘbscribers Challenge says:

    Jimmy: We can’t drive the golf cart

    Chris: Drives to golf cart

  5. Ryomen Sukuna says:

    Jimmy’s true power is shown when he doesn’t wear a hat

  6. DeV GaMinG YT says:

    Chandler: “Ran by past the cameraman”

    Cameraman: He was too fast

  7. KyRoZz Bgs says:

    Just the fact that jimmy is changing so many lives just almost makes me cry whenever someone gets to hear that they won. We love you jimmy

  8. ItsEnchantedApple0 says:

    Imagine If One Of Them Actually Got In The 500k And Just Hid There For The Entire Game

  9. Naruto Uchiha says:

    Jimmy: Somehow the contestants had enough energy to outrun us until the morning.
    Me: If I had a chance of winning 500,000 dollars I would outrun you for an entire week.

  10. Prativa Dalmia says:

    Andy: Continously running for his life
    Lincoln: Hiding the entire time and wins

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