Extreme Closet Clean Out …GONE WRONG (so much regret)

Extreme Closet Clean Out …GONE WRONG (so much regret)

During self isolation I decided to do a HUGE Extreme Closet Clean Out for the FIRST TIME EVER but it was WAY worse then I anticipated…
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47 Responses

  1. KayKay • Art and Animations says:

    Lauren: “I’m gonna make them color coded like a Rainbow”

    **Moriah Elisabeth Has Entered the Chat**

  2. KayKay • Art and Animations says:

    Mom: Clean your Room.
    Me: Not Now.
    Mom: Why?
    Me: I’ll end up like Her.

    Lauren: **Crying**

  3. Megoloegg says:

    *”Mommy’s having a mental breakdown.”*

  4. XxXPaigeXxX says:

    Dexter: *laying on bed*
    Lauren: *cleaning out her closet
    ( 1 Hour Later)

  5. Starlight Shimmer says:

    lauren: i have so much clothes

    Me: only a few shirts and very little amount of clothes in my closet because it’s all being washed and i am very picky so i don’t have a lot anyways though i do have over 200 My little pony stuff on shelves in my bedroom… i feel like doing this as well… i have a mess in my dresser…

    Edit: actually cleaned out my dresser and organized it… only took me about 3 minutes because i only used one drawer… the rest has video game related stuff, hatchimals, rare expenisve beanie babies that i keep hidden so they dont get stolen or damaged, and etc.

  6. Kawaii_girl _333 says:

    *I’m sometimes worried about your mental health Lauren….*

  7. Alexis Mathias says:

    Lauren: wants to die because she has to clean all of her closet .Me: starts to cry because I have to pick up 1 thing on my floor

  8. Tara 2174 says:

    Me: “I have too many clothes”
    Lauren: *”hold my camera”*

  9. Madelyn e says:

    no one:

    Lauren: 17:36 insert zombie minecraft mob noise.

  10. Yi Tong Lim says:

    Lauren: At least I’m not murdered
    Her thoughts:KILL ME NOW

  11. Brooke120 Spry says:

    Me: feels bad for have 6 pairs of shoes

  12. Starla * Studios says:

    Lauren: “You can tell a lot about someone by there closet.”
    Me: “The difference is I may or may not still be in the closet…”

  13. Finacadd Gachaws says:

    Lauren is gunna have a hell of a time getting her leggings back in after taking them out and wearing them

  14. MJ Indarto says:

    lauren: **Opens closet**

    me: Thats not that much

    Lauren**continues to walk in closet**

    also me: I take back my words

    • Josephine Sosingot-Räisänen says:

      Dear Mr dexter I feel you


      actually worry about you self

      Okay worry about me I’m crazy

      Thanks for worrying about me

      Love you

      Zee you soon

      • Carol says:

        Hi Josephine!
        Caroline here.
        Hope this message gets to you girl
        Email me.haha

  15. Lorenzo Mariani says:

    Lauren: “Someone’s closet says a lot about a person”

    Me: Does it mean I’m shallow and empty?

  16. Jennifer Eventing says:

    Dexter: i gotta get the hell OUTTA HERE
    Lauren: mommy’s having a mental break down *mental laugh*

  17. Jasnicorn Blah blah blah says:

    everyone: relaxes with one bath bomb
    lauren: 100 and fills the tub, flooding it.

    everyone: has a big clean, taking a day at most
    lauren: has WAY TOO MANY clothes and takes a week

  18. Spirit Lover says:

    Lauren: *Finally finishes cleaning and organizing her closet*

    Lauren’s Closet: *looks AMAZING*

    Dexter: hehehe..*brings toy in*

    Me: No Dexter!! *bursts out laughing at Lauren’s reaction*

  19. Penny Swift The Gamer says:

    Lauren crying inside because she’s cleaning her whole closet.

    Me crying inside with her because my room is the size of her closet.

    • The Distortionist says:

      Bro I’d love a closet sized room cause small rooms make me feel safe 🤣🤣🤣

    • Luna NightAdder says:

      And me crying cuz her closet is bigger than my room. And I spend most of my life in my room. So I spend most of my time in a room smaller than her closet…

    • intergalatic eyeroll says:

      Yeah your lucky my room is humongous and I want a small room to make me feel safe

  20. Piano Life says:

    Lauren: *has a whole room of clothes and outfits*

    Me: doesn’t even fill a whole closet with closet

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