Extreme Corn Hole! | Below the Belt Edition!!

Extreme Corn Hole! | Below the Belt Edition!!

Hey guys! In this challenge, we play GIANT Corn Hole but we cut a hole where our crotches are! If you make it in the hole, you get points! Let the pain begin!

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42 Responses

  1. Freya Horle says:

    Oh my goodness….this is priceless and just entertaining to the highest level. Keep it up guys!!!

  2. CSRtube _ says:

    Joey: It’s YOUR fault!!!

    Me:While the vid was already made so I’ll watch it

  3. Amelia Waddell_XPLR says:

    Joey: Its all your fault!!!!

    Me: IM SORRY!!!!

  4. Jack Baumgart says:

    “Mom! Can I go play with the Hi-5 guys down the street?”
    “Hi-5 Guys? Who are they?”
    “They are the guys that play games all day and say they do work.”

  5. Broken Bones says:


    *“You are the problem”*

    Me: “Thank you! I appreciate it.”

  6. Miguel Chavez says:

    Stop the bobby abuse
    Onley one left of whole species
    Like =bobby safe
    Good to see that we all love bobby

  7. Joy Jang says:

    Bryan: It’s so frustrating when im not good at something
    Me: Me too Bryan, me too.

  8. Christian Montemayor says:

    “If I hit it in the no no spot that’s 3 big ones”
    -bryan 2019

  9. SportyGirl #1 says:

    When kevin was calling marvin i couldn’t stop laughing at all?

    • Neon Zombie says:

      Right I was waiting to see Marvin come running in but since all 3 of them are brothers he’d probably join in with Bryan ?

  10. Ryan McKenzie says:

    10:08 Only a true man under stands this pain…

    and the whole video

  11. Jesse Lovato says:

    Remember a few years ago Matt said “I’ll NEVER leave Team Edge!”
    Well he lied his words “Team Edge is my LIFE”

  12. Alex Rahall says:

    Bobby: Bryan I need you to preform

    Me: That’s what she said?

  13. TheAlbino_Hare says:

    Joey: You really blew it Bryan!

    That’s the first J-Joke I’ve laughed at.

  14. Kimberly Quinn says:

    They didn’t add in the extra point for Bobby covering!

  15. Blue tato says:

    “Stop blowing on me!”- J-Fred 2019

    • Arya Dwirahmat says:

      Literally The moment j-fred says that i was reading this comment XD

    • FURY playz says:

      Omg I was looking through the comments he says stop blowing on me and than I go in the comments and I see ayra comment say the same thing

  16. jessnikki95 - says:

    When your brother is beating you up so you call for your other brother ?? Kevin: “Marvin! Marvin! Marvin!”

  17. Sandeep Saravanakumar says:

    Man Bobby just took some real revenge on Kevin right there

  18. Nathan Reaperz says:


    PS. shout out to corn hole from hi5 studios!

  19. p6 s16 says:

    Bobby: get that camera out of my face
    Editor: puts camera in face XD

  20. Anna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO says:

    When kevin was calling marvin i couldn’t stop laughing at all?

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