Eye Candy: Liquid Nitrogen vs. Gummy

Eye Candy: Liquid Nitrogen vs. Gummy

We took a few gallons of liquid nitrogen, dipped in some delicious gummy treats and their real-life counterparts, and dropped them off our roof.

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20 Responses

  1. Tengis Tengis says:

    Waht do you thinking waht is gonno happen

  2. Lutfil Hadi says:

    Liquid Nitrogen vs DA BIG ASS GUMMY BEARRR….!!

  3. ads13000 says:

    Mix putty!

  4. Alexandra Clarissa says:

    not the pizza!!!!!!!

  5. Nic Mackaway says:

    wow so cool

  6. Reeve Aw says:

    gummy win

  7. bb hqq says:


  8. Melody Ho says:

    what a waste of pizza.

  9. KANEKİ - KEN says:

    attınız nimet lan orospu çocukları pizza yere atılırmı eeekmek lan ekmek
    amk öçlarıııı

  10. teoman ata uysal says:

    add HCL,MU,CS
    payday referaces lol

  11. Adele Grigaite says:


  12. blitz brigade says:

    Make gummy rubik cube pls

  13. calacala says:

    awww man i was hoping you would throw the gigantic gummy snake too ;_;

  14. Saktuscactus says:

    There’s ads on Vat19 ads??

  15. BP Productions says:

    Who cleaned that up

  16. Mörkö Mörön äiti says:

    How didnt the coca cola bottle the real one didnt shatter?

  17. Oscar van de Steeg says:

    No giant gummy bear ?

  18. Gaming Guy says:

    Gummy is epicerererererer

  19. Bob Stimson says:

    That was pretty COOL

  20. Esquiluber says:

    homeless are crying now :/