Eyewitness Says He Knew Suspect In Uvalde, TX School Shooting, Saw What Happened Moments Before

Eyewitness Says He Knew Suspect In Uvalde, TX School Shooting, Saw What Happened Moments Before

UPDATE: Authorities say the victim death toll from the Texas school shooting now stands at 19 children and two adults.

PREVIOUS: Newsy’s JohnMone is on the ground in Uvalde, TX and spoke to an eyewitness who says he knew the shooter, the shooter’s grandmother, and saw what happened in the moments before the shooter entered the school. #texas #schoolshooting #newsy

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37 Responses

  1. Ms MuffinIsMyLovers says:

    All of this killing is so heartbreaking I cannot understand how someone can be so evil inside to do other human beings this way. May God be with all these families

  2. Brandon T says:

    I couldn’t even imagine what those parents are going through. Getting your kid ready for school, making plans for the summer. And then this happens? My prayers go out to all of the victims and family members 🙏🏽

    • Valeritapita says:

      @#Free to we’re you dropped on the head as a newborn ? THIS is the time to talk about legislation and policies to make sure a teadigidy like this never happens again.

    • #Free to says:

      @Mopar3188 how true! Seriously, what a time to springboard in to your personal political predilections 🤨. He barely got “condolences” off the keyboard …

  3. Boogy Man says:

    You don’t even need to be a parent to feel the pain in your heart with this. RIP little angels

    • SamaramEL 3.6 says:

      Angels…… ??? What you been smoking….???

    • Life's Design says:

      This is going to change Gun Legislation I bet.

    • Rock your Natural says:

      I’m a parent and I feel like throwing up . This is sickening, its incomprehensible, its devastating, it’s just senseless

    • Event Planner says:

      I’m not a parent. I just have a good conscious enough to know that no child should die. We were all children once. This could have been us. I know because in my high school we had two gun threats.

    • *FavoredByGod* says:

      Right ! I’m not a parent but love children & it’s hard for me to even listen to the news about this situation. 💔

  4. Lana Maldonado says:

    Im glad my school had a moment of silence to honor these victims as a high schooler with siblings in elementary these situations make me worry if i will see my siblings again. One day i could lose them. I’m so sorry to all of these families i can’t say i know their pain but i can only imagine. Sending much love to the victims families. 🥺💕

    • Stormblade1745 says:

      @vidowatcher91 I apologize for being a bit extreme but i am advocating for more background checks and more enforcement concerning firearms.

    • Danyale Deshon says:

      Lana, your comment was respectful. A moment of silence to reflect on the horrific nature of this tragedy is necessary. People need to recognize the poor health of our society to understand that people are becoming increasingly uncivilized and not valuing the sanctity of human life. Guns don’t kill people; sick and twisted people do. The problems are from the irresponsible and corrupt system of governance in our country today.

    • Harvey Lewis says:

      @Stormblade1745 no need to be hostile against your brothers

    • vidowatcher91 says:

      @Stormblade1745 what are you advocating for specifically? Legit question not a debate starter

    • Stormblade1745 says:

      Moment of silence doesn’t mean shit.

      Gun control is what we need and government action will make a difference.

      It’s a preventable tragedy and it could’ve been stopped if mental health was taken seriously and if gun control was more secure.

      EDIT: I should add I respect your comment but I do think that unless action is taken, nothing will change.

  5. Pamela Parlapiano says:

    This is so very heartbreaking! As a mother of a 4 and 6 year old I couldn’t even imagine going through this! Prayers go out to the families and rest in peace little angels 🙏

  6. Jason Colvin says:

    To take the life of innocent kids like that is just sick. I mean what can be missing in your soul to PHYSICALLY kill, not only a person, but a child..and not just A child…but 19 children. As a father I can’t even wrap my head around this and I give my deepest condolences to the families that have to go through this. God this just breaks my heart.

    • Chris Stubbs says:

      @Michin too many damn people stacked on top of each other. If the doc tells you they could have this or that then it’s not worth being into this harsh world. I don’t care how bad I sound, I have 4 kids at 24, I think all the time of the crazy shit that happens and what could happen to them. Thankfully they are healthy and happy. It was a discussion with my wife and I because MONEY. It’s hard but it gets done. It would be even harder if one had some kind of disability or what have you. It should ALWAYS be an option. Some don’t want the child, child gets to 5 hrs old and is murdered, or goes straight to overpopulated adoption, struggle their entire life etc etc all because the parent(s) don’t want them and what about the formula shortage??? Why the fuck would we want more kids brought in without an alternative to breast milk??? Some moms lack vitamins and nutrients needed for baby. Like, calcium. There goes their teeth/ bones by the time they are 30. Some moms can produce enough or any. The incompetence of our president echos through this nation. Stupid follows stupid.

    • Awakening Faith says:

      My girlfriend studied all of this in college and almost every single school shooting so far had some previous mental issues, run in with CPS, or the law. There is a distinctive pattern.

    • [Hashknight Gaming] says:

      We need to make guns harder to get they should require a deep background check and mental health evaluations yearly.

    • beautyspeakswithin23 says:

      I truly agree with you. This is so wrong. They are little kids and still babies in the eyes of many.

    • Chris Stubbs says:

      @John Stallings 🤣🤣 you are correct. My point is the government and the school boards caused this. Along with everyone who had called him stupid or slow and didn’t try to help him. Average people are stupid, it shows everyday. I don’t mean a little stupid no I mean brick wall dumb. Just smart enough to work and pay bills. Which does not take much.

  7. MXIONG says:

    This is so heartbreaking, I cried watching this. My deepest condolences to those families who have lost their loved ones in this tragedy.

    • Allen Istalaksana says:

      @Mopar3188 It’s just matter of times before something like this happening again in your country if your government didn’t change the constitution. Here in my country Indonesia gun shooting accidents are less or almost zero because the government prohibited gun to sale in public, only military, police, and security personnel can have that

    • Mopar3188 says:

      @Allen Istalaksana come and take them

    • Allen Istalaksana says:

      Deep condolences, in my opinion Gun should be ONLY owned by military, police, and security personnel

  8. Silviano says:

    “and unfortunately the rest is history”

    Never have I ever had that sentence impact that hard. My heart breaks not just for the victims, but their families, and for those who had to live through this.

  9. Kazza Love says:

    My heart goes to the children who witnessed their classmates being killed but are still alive to heal from the trauma

  10. Maranda Woods says:

    I’m so shook I don’t even wanna send my daughter to school for the rest of the school year after this. The shooter did this all because he was not graduating from highschool. Prayers to the families of the victims 🙏🏾

    • Meyalli Aguirre says:

      Even if I’m in other state I kept my daughter from school she’s done this is so heart breaking need to come up on how to keep our kids safe

    • shannon c says:

      Right just sick harming these innocent beautiful babies becasue of his own issues i just dont get it he litterally didnt have a reason now all.these parents and friends and realtives are hurting its just so sad 😢

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