Ezekiel Elliott Exposes Woman’s Breast at St. Patty’s Party | TMZ Sports

Ezekiel Elliott Exposes Woman’s Breast at St. Patty’s Party | TMZ Sports

Ezekiel Elliott pulled a woman’s shirt down — exposing her bare breast — during a St. Patrick’s Day party in Dallas … but a rep for Zeke says it was all in good fun.

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Ezekiel Elliott Exposes Woman’s Breast at St. Patty’s Party | TMZ Sports

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20 Responses

  1. Tyrone Mooselips says:

    Dat wyte bish deserved it,she probably gone put rape charges gainst hims now

  2. LMAO AT_U says:

    Great way to get a bullshit law suit.

  3. paul palermo says:

    straight out sexual assault …..

  4. Davy Crockett says:

    This is gonna be on ESPN soon. Watch them say some shit about rape culture

  5. Soundafek says:

    SmH….young and dumb. Think before you act..

  6. Bdawg02 says:

    So she was motioning to Zeke and he did it…both are stupid, young and probably drunk

  7. cyber apple says:

    man where’s the hero with the uncensored version

  8. Chuck Turner says:

    She hung out with him afterwards, she didn’t give a shit. She probably asked him to do it. I mean look at those tits! If ya got it-flaunt it!

  9. PRIMITIVE says:

    the lady said she wasn’t upset and they all hung out later

  10. Playa from the Himalayas says:

    Molly is going to hate this.

  11. Djoker Dominator says:

    He is still a dumb ass. Next this girl gonna file charges because she was embarrassed and ashamed by family and friends, and get a lawyer to sue him for mullions, i know his young but he is not a regular 21 year old, he will always have big target on his back, and this is is just pathetic and stupid

  12. thechocolate130 says:

    You already blurred out her face. Why censor the titty ?

  13. j Law says:

    D. Trumps wasnt lyin’…just grab ’em……..

  14. #11JulioJones GOAT says:

    she liked that shit

  15. Robert Kilgore says:

    And let the titty gate begin

  16. mitochondria says:

    cant wait to hear skip defend this

  17. Boom Boom says:

    she took her tits out anyways so what’s the problem

  18. Miko Philo says:

    Bitch behind him thought he was going in for a kiss.

  19. Shallow Hal says:

    Damn.. dude is Rich Young and single…
    that means he cant have fun..
    I wish I was him

  20. Joe Cashmere says:

    the bitch replied oooooooooo zeke haha u so silly

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