F is for Family – Main Trailer – Netflix [HD]

F is for Family – Main Trailer – Netflix [HD]

Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, a time when you could smack your kid, smoke inside and bring a gun to the airport. From comic Bill Burr.

Only on Netflix December 18

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20 Responses

  1. Nastypsychoboy says:

    Actually looks pretty good.

  2. ilbv5 says:

    Billy Boyyyyy!

  3. Bjamin Fingercats says:

    Can’t wait for this, Bill burr is the man

  4. Joshua Perry says:

    Jeezus Christ it’s set in the 70s. Man Bill Burr is a sad old man. Dropping
    albums, using black-and-white cameras, oh jeezus

  5. topoftheGAMES says:

    I can´t believe this shit… no Jar Jar binks? No Skywalker? This is
    nothing about Star Wars… :(

  6. MikeNitro94 says:

    Well alright there Freckles! This looks hilarious. Billy Redballs is a
    fuckin genius and I know this is gonna be a home run. Can’t wait to see

  7. Nugene Ambers says:

    why is everything Netflix makes either R rated or garbage?

  8. mikes882006 says:

    this looks brilliant is it out on the 18th in the UK to

  9. Kevin Meredith says:

    This is the reason to get a Netflix subscription (i don’t currently have
    one). Bill Burr is a fucking genius!

  10. WGB says:

    God damn it, now I want to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy again.

  11. blurglide says:

    Meh. The only funny part was the hulk hogan guy who doesn’t understand

  12. todd5687 says:

    i will put u through that fucking wall. lol

  13. Ryk Latortuga says:

    Good Luck Bill. Hope this breaks big time then maybe we can have a Doug
    Stanhope Animated Cartoon series too. *Who you calling a Negroni?*

  14. Kevin Ducharme says:

    looks pretty funny, but strangely made me feel like watching Guardians of
    the Galaxy.

  15. Thirty One says:

    Ooohhhh cleeeo

  16. Mathias Rask says:

    Well, ill watch it regardless because of Burr. And i know every comment is
    saying the same thing basically

  17. Joe Taveras says:

    Bill has always provided quality comedy. I expect nothing less.

  18. Art 87 says:

    the fuck is this?

  19. Ben Sykes says:

    Ah the good ole days before smart phones, hipsters and “precious”