F1 Grid Does Secret Santa 2022!

F1 Grid Does Secret Santa 2022!

It’s F1 Secret Santa time! What did the F1 drivers give each other for Christmas this year?

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26 Responses

  1. KARLI. says:

    Charles gift for Max has me rolling. They’re hilarious.

    • Lulu von Masen says:

      Charles always seems like a naive puppy to me, always surprised to see how he pulls off some hilarious stuff 😂

  2. Chara Mia says:

    Once again Lance being incredibly thoughtful in what he gives. Probably a very nice guy.

  3. MN M says:

    Lando’s gift is really thoughtful. Having lost Carlos as his first teammate in F1, he would be understanding of what Yuki was feeling with losing Pierre…. love their friendship, all of them.

  4. Ana says:

    Yuki’s reaction to his gift is precious 🥺
    Also Charles, you’re iconic 😂😂😂😂

  5. Kate H says:

    I love at 420, Carlos passing the wrapping paper and saying “hold” to someone off camera. Seb’s tree was the perfect present, Stroll put some thought into that and you can see how much Seb appreciated it, taking off his glasses to thank Lance eye to eye. The doorstop, mirror and meatball flag were all awesome, love the F1 secret Santa! Shame Lewis never participates.

  6. Henrik L says:

    F1 secret santa never disappoints

  7. Soff Ksovreli says:

    Hahaha Charles literally NAILED it 😂😂😂 & Yuki being so happy for a photo with Pierre is just pure love 🥹🫶🏻

  8. Varghese John says:

    Yuki’s disappointment when he realised his gift is not from Pierre😂

  9. Hallquiche says:

    Lando’s gift to Yuki was actually so thoughtful, as he probably took the picture himself.

  10. Lerroy Brown says:

    Nobody ever mentions Lewis’s ability to swerve these kinds of things

    • RPixxD says:

      He’s entitled old driver who thinks he’s better than all the others

    • Aniket Biswas Kabbo says:

      @the connection timed out ego drives the vest athletes. And i don’t think what others regard him as makes any difference he’s proven it all. But it just feels very snobbish and anti social to avoid these things

    • the connection timed out says:

      Just another example that shows he thinks he is better than his colleagues and above them, thats why he will never been regarded as one of the greats of this sport despite being one of the best drivers ever in F1

    • Nathan Warren says:

      He wasn’t in it last either seems always to swerve these things

    • @ReeceCentre says:

      I am happy Lewis does not participate. The drivers don’t even like him anyways

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