FA CUP FINAL! Chelsea vs. Liverpool | Full Game Highlights | ESPN FC

FA CUP FINAL! Chelsea vs. Liverpool | Full Game Highlights | ESPN FC

Liverpool defeated Chelsea to win the 2022 FA Cup final in a penalty shootout in a hotly-contested final at Wembley Stadium.
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48 Responses

  1. dagnrlx says:

    Pulisic and Diaz could’ve had like 3 goals each if they had finished. All the other forwards were quiet today, but overall good game.

    • daunte Rowe says:

      Maybe third time the charm is fake after all

    • Al says:

      0-0 against a struggling chelsea team

    • abdi shekhey says:

      @manga Bell Real Madrid you talking about you don’t know about them I been watching sports since 1994 it seems you started watching maybe last couple of years

    • manga Bell says:

      @abdi shekhey , That is your opinion, fortunately there is no truth to that. if real were in the epl you will never say that , will you? Real are the most successful club in european football history, whether you and i like it or not. Just like barca , that is where a lot of players will love to play some day. 13 CL and 35 ligas are no joke, most clubs on earth will wish they had half of those trophies. They have created history that no one has and a lot of people world wide always admire their winning mentality. It is what it is, there is absolutely nothing you and I can do about it but just watch. They dont over hype things like they do in the epl by the english overhype media. HALA MADRID.

  2. JayCFC says:

    We’ve lost 3 FA Cup finals in a row. Perfect. Congratulations to Liverpool.

    • Iowa Scratchers says:

      @Khoa Huynh well it’s that but also Liverpool always finishing 2nd behind Man City for some dumb reason.

    • Shawn Schaitel says:


    • Duke Isgrimnur says:

      @DarkInTheNight they aren’t delivering

    • Sebastian Acquaah says:

      @Brooks McFadden this is a game Chelsea should have won and they were the better team . Chelsea without lukkaku can’t get the desired result . Chelsea don’t have that one great striker right now

  3. Chris Varela Benítez says:

    What a game!! Luis Diaz is an amazing player. Liverpool coming in with confidence against Real Madrid but it’ll take much more than today to take them down.

    • Chris Varela Benítez says:

      @EVO X Yeah actually pressed City like no one has the second half. Of course City had their chances but they bottled them. We’ll just have to wait & see. We can all come back to this thread afterwards.

    • EVO X says:

      @Chris Varela Benítez well last game real played against Manchester city , real Madrid looked lost for a while in the game so much that at the las minute is when they tide the game

  4. D1ndad0r says:

    Pulisic and Diaz were incredible. They should’ve played the full 120 minutes

  5. Johnnybgood 11 says:

    Diaz and Pulisic were the two best attacking players for their respective sides. Salah, Mane, Lukaku and Mount were all quiet.

    • Dancehall Entertainment TV says:

      @Nick Dasher u wasn’t watching the game I see. So u didn’t see one of the chance pulisic miss, it was lukaku that set him up?

    • Adam GT40 says:

      @Ivan Go watch some Chucky Lozano highlights or something, nobody cares what u think

    • Seth Morton says:

      @Ivan you’re a clown, Pulisic was the only reason Chelsea had any chances at all in open play.

  6. Jason Salinas says:

    Absolutely gutted . 3 straight years , 3 straight loses

    • Luke Taylor says:

      All the losses were unlucky 😔

    • M F says:

      Well at least you won the Champions League last season. As a Liverpool fan i don’t mind throwing away one of the domestic cup if we won both the EPL & CL, but being realistic, there’s a high probabiliy we won’t win anymore after this for the current season.

    • D M says:

      Top four is a good year considering everything that has happened since February, Liverpool first FA cup since 2006 I believe.

    • Diego Bermudez says:

      @Brooks McFadden True, most teams would take that but that’s a small club mentality. Big clubs always play to win. I’m a City fan but I do feel for Chelsea fans.

    • Brooks McFadden says:

      You made the final 3 straight years most teams would take that

  7. Anipaptions says:

    Of course it was Mount. The one that didn’t do anything offensively all game

    • Suiiiiii says:

      Not just saying this because he missed the penalty, but he is on of the most overrated youngsters that I’ve ever seen

  8. Roberto Muller says:

    Liverpool looked tired after 20 minutes and somehow managed to hold on. Klopp’s mentality coaching is top notch, better than pep or tuchel.

    • Liverpool1892 says:

      @Ivan hahahahahahaha

    • small arms kepa says:

      @piebaldify you thinking I’m a chelsea fan because my name and photo are making fun of a chelsea player says a lot about your intelligence

    • piebaldify says:

      @small arms kepa 3 straight FA cup losses is rough, chin up lil guy, you’re gonna be okay 🙂

    • small arms kepa says:

      @owen Vedder no, I think Liverpool is more on the level of clubs like Leicester and Tottenham considering they have one title in 30 years, which is why it’s so special that he stayed. Tuchel is at a club that has been winning titles fairly consistently since the beginning of the 2000’s. So I don’t think that’s similar

    • Ivan says:

      @Akmaljon Qosimzoda Chelsea dominated Liverpool for most of the game. Pulisic himself should have scored 3 goals today

  9. Crayth1k says:

    As a Chelsea fan this is traumatizing

  10. ManuelBaut104 says:

    Luis Diaz played well
    He made chances and nearly scored a ton of times by making himself open, what a player 🔥

    • Hector Morena says:

      @Generic White Female Suarez started in Anfield as a winger (7). And yes, you can compare players in different positions when is comes to analyzing whether they are truly “amazing”.

    • Generic White Female says:

      @Hector Morena imagine comparing a winger to a striker.

    • Aomlol says:

      @Hector Morena hes not overrated and comparing him to other players doesnt change anything. he still performed well and got the ball on target or slightly missing the target each shot.

    • Jackson Gibson says:

      @Aomlol he was born and raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania… he has a Croatian grandfather… what do you think it means to be “fully” American?

    • Hector Morena says:

      Let’s be honest. Luis Diaz is overrated. If he were anywhere close to the player Luis Suarez was when he was 25 y.o. , Liverpool would have won today at least 3-0. For people calling him ¨amazing¨, what word would you use to describe Suarez at Anfield?

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