Facebook Hearings Cold Open – SNL

Facebook Hearings Cold Open – SNL

Senators (Cecily Strong, Mikey Day, Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant, Chris Redd, James Austin Johnson) on Capitol Hill question the Facebook whistleblower (Heidi Gardner), Mark Zuckerberg (Alex Moffat) and Tom from Myspace (Pete Davidson) during a hearing.

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42 Responses

  1. Destiny says:

    “America is in a lot of debt right now should we do the squid game?” 😭😂

  2. Michael Acuna says:

    Honestly, putting American senators in a Squid Game wouldn’t be as emotionally gripping or have an exciting plot.

  3. Glittery Kittery says:

    Aidy’s Ted Cruz is quickly becoming an iconic character on SNL.

  4. Betty Veronica says:

    Ted Cruz has got to be jealous of how likeable Aidy Bryant as Ted Cruz is.

  5. Sky Land says:

    “Yes I was particularly drawn to your testimony about bullying online and how some teenagers an even some ADULT men are bullied almost constantly” GOLD 😂

  6. Laugh Boys says:

    This Al Gorythm guy needs to be brought to justice

  7. Lulzswag says:

    “Is the Dark Web the same as Black Twitter?”

    LOL fucking savage

  8. Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

    MySpace out there actually teaching people how to code. I miss MySpace.

  9. I Love Robes says:

    Ngl, I forgot MySpace Tom was still alive. Also, imagine Ted Cruz playing the Squid Game.

  10. jfrsnjhnsn says:

    Heidi saying “Please just stop” is all of us To the government, the Internet, America,

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