Facebook’s Secret Crush Announcement & New Zealand’s Super Sexy Accent | The Daily Show

Facebook’s Secret Crush Announcement & New Zealand’s Super Sexy Accent | The Daily Show

Facebook announces a privacy overhaul and the Secret Crush feature, workplaces contemplate banning handshakes and a survey finds New Zelanders have the sexiest accent.

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79 Responses

  1. Simon Lee says:

    trevor noah is the best

  2. Esmeralda Claros says:

    I don’t have a grandma ? so no secret crush at all ?

  3. Emily Palm says:

    God, politics have been gross lately, thank you immensely Trevor!!

  4. Star Cherry says:

    Lol Trevor you literally handshake your guests everyday on the show! ?

    • Trollzzofficial says:

      Because it’s a normal thing in the US. I bet after year doing the show in Africa he wouldn’t do it. He wouldn’t do it and people would take it wrong.

    • Gwen Simmons says:

      Star Cherry: But now we know how he really feels about those handshakes.????

    • Lando says:

      He probably has a box of Clorox wipes under his desk.

    • Daniel Sosa says:

      But he fist bumbs his staff.

    • Kurt Sudheim says:

      +Trollzzofficial Actually, in his home land (mine too), the two handed handshake is traditional, but you put the second hand in your primary hands wrist, not the other person’s hand

  5. Akesia Xavier says:

    Trevor has really nice hands.

  6. Autymn Maas says:

    The south African one is because of Trevor

    • Core Brute says:

      Huh, I thought it was because of Black Panther, but yeah Trevor helps.

    • Nicolas Schultz says:

      +PolytykoJinx Yeah but what is about some people thinking that is exclusive to Africa. Here in Germany one only needs to drive for thirty minutes before you get into a village where they speak so differently one does not understand them. In France the have the region Bretagne where their language isn’t even considered real french and that goes for many more countries but many always assume only outside of Europe and North America you can find culture and diverse people and that is just as ignorant as the other way around.

    • lerato mokwena says:

      I doubt it. The South African accent they mean is the Afrikaans one and Trevor definitely doesn’t have an Afrikaans accent


      We all speak like Trevor here.

  7. Lord JeSith says:

    I’m from nz. Our accent is far from smexcy

  8. officerwoon says:

    That Nelson Mandela accent imitation lol XD Trevor you’ve killed it

  9. TheEpicNoob says:

    Me: Hey Larry! How you doing *goes for a handshake*

    • The seal of approval says:

      Me *putting my left hand on the small of your back, intertwining my right hand with your left and dips you* : Let’s sign that contract.

    • Dak Lamerbusch says:

      +The seal of approval ‘A+++’

  10. eyiamoni apeji says:

    The sexiest accent bit killed me ??

  11. schoggo says:

    Trevor is among some of the very few show hosts that are actually funny, never feels scripted or repetetive.

    • Vera 1957 says:

      Trevor the Retarded Racist has a team of writers ?
      That means its scripted! And its obvious that its scripted.

    • Avocado Warrior says:

      +21 Years Nice of you throwing out your autism to a youtube comment section in less than 2 replies when nobody asked for it, that sounds like attention whoring instead.

    • Hazel Hue says:

      +Vera 1957 Love yourself ?

    • Penny Proud says:

      +bedfordnhdonkey Jon was boring…

    • Offus Youfus says:

      21 Years literally all Trevor talks about is how,”orange man bad” and how he’s supposedly oppressed yet he lives in a mansion makes millions a year and owns a fancy car, ya no

  12. Alex SwaggedUp says:

    In Mandel’s voice “Time for me to set your body free” I died a little LOL

  13. The LoboGamer says:

    I hate the dead fish handshake one omg. It pisses me off lol

    • Kata Rina says:

      when I get the dead fish one, I go for a full grip, and shake vigorously while staring into their eyes to establish dominance. Like bitch if you are gonna be a dead a fish, I might as well treat you like one.

    • WhalesTasteGreat says:

      I hate all of them. A normal handshake is fine ok whatever… but then you get the people who want to be different. Like they’re trying to demonstrate their masculinity or artistry through a handshake… a king never has to say they’re king.

    • E M says:

      Yes! I have no idea why people do it. It feels like holding a weird fleshy rag. °~°

    • E M says:

      +dmcgee3 This is the only reason I can reasonably understand why someone chooses that kind of handshake ^^ I still don’t want my co-workers and clients to use it.

    • superduperjoi says:

      its insulting

  14. Bahama Babe says:

    The 2 hands handshake is a custom in some countries, it shows sincerity. But if they want to do away with handshakes we can always use bowing as a form of greeting as they do in other countries.

    • Jace Cavacini says:

      I hate handshakes and I was born in the USA.

    • Bahama Babe says:

      +Jace Cavacini I hate them too! People determine all sorts of things about through a simply handshake!

    • MrPasonte says:

      +Broken King Yeah you start with that and next is saying hello to a person is a criminal offense. Ouh yeah we are already at that stage. Giving a hug or touching a person is already an offense by the new standards

    • Broken King says:

      +MrPasonte why are you saying hello to random people? Are you trying to sell something? You trying to f my wife? No thank you. Go say hello to the old people in retirement homes, or go talk to orphans. Quit bugging everybody

    • MrPasonte says:

      +Broken King I mean hello at your work, at someone you know, in your classroom, at your colleague.

      Don’t scalate the situation lol

  15. Darshit Navadia says:

    *Accents are a verbal version of a font.*

  16. madbug1965 says:

    Zuck considers consumer privacy a joke.

    • Greg K says:

      Zuck makes money be selling advertising focused on the likes and dislikes, friends, family, beliefs, wealth, age, education, and religion of his users. If he didn’t ignore privacy, he’d be out of business. If you’re not a paying customer, you’re the product.

    • stazang says:

      +Greg K there is a difference between selling adds based on user base while keeping their privacy and or selling adds targeted to conservatives from foreign anti American government to promote their favorite candidate. Or to sell users data to external companies without notifying users. I am sure there is slot more corrupt stuff happening at facecrook as Zuks history of deception and corruption is well documented

    • Asif Meer says:

      +juntun741 chxe ma chuk koshur

    • James Harrison says:

      madbug1965 if it is private, you don’t put it on the internet. Write it on paper and lock it in a safe, or put it on a 5.25” floppy disk, since most people would not know what it is now days.

    • Katrinna Wallace says:

      That’s part of why I deleted Facebook ??

  17. Gabstrology says:

    Sexiest accent goes to Trevor Noah for all his accents.

  18. Da Soulja says:

    As someone from New Zealand, I’ll happily give first place to Trevor’s Mandela accent

  19. Ms Mom says:

    Omg Trevor is like the master of accents. Good job Trevor. 🙂

  20. Terry Jarnigan says:

    FB dating sounds like one of those things that goes great until it doesn’t…

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