Fake Food vs Real Food Taste Test – Challenge

Fake Food vs Real Food Taste Test – Challenge

Two identical objects are given to me. One is real, the other is made out of chocolate.
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23 Responses

  1. Kelly&Tifani Parvin says:

    area 51 raid came early the alien excaped from us naurto running and freeing them all

  2. MsCallie01 says:

    The broked one

  3. MasterGamerPro 2003 says:

    I love ur vids so much lol jk u never answering or give heart to somebody f of

  4. Jamillia Franklin says:

    Can you do a escape Walmart

  5. Wakil Salih says:

    Can you make more of trees vedos

  6. Isaiah Gamez says:

    You finally made a second video of this, I’m so happy!

  7. Carsyn S SALANOAA says:

    Roi you raided Area 51 without us already???☹️?

  8. My ears Hurts says:

    its been long i mean not that long because i watch your content rarely idk why

  9. Alex Jefferson says:

    Why haven’t you made a cotton candy shop you said you would make one if it got 100,000 likes in 2016 like if you’ve seen it.

  10. Micheal Farmer says:

    Do you do shout out because that will be first one

  11. Steve Rothwell says:

    Awnsers from me:


  12. ana carla bicho salgueiral says:

    the pizza cutt- *laughs* its broken its the candy just guys everything must be broken and humans too

  13. The ProudestEver says:

    Subscribed and turned post notification bell on and hit like button

  14. Fans Paradise says:

    Pls give me shout out I love your vids and can you play mincraft

  15. Lyn's Gaming says:

    Can you do 2 man hide and seek at 3am again please?

  16. Emily_n_neaves_ Slimes_ says:

    Jake and jack is my favourite name

  17. hotel chicken says:

    1. Right One ✔️
    2. Apple ✔️

  18. hailey untch says:

    How was escape the night? And keed doing what ur doing!

  19. Marco Morales says:

    Should he do a iPad give away Make this blue if yes




  20. Ayesha Chowdhury says:

    Looks like guava jucie naurto runned so fast, he got his own alien.

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