FAKE or REAL Injury? Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders – Doctor Explains What REALLY Happened

FAKE or REAL Injury? Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders – Doctor Explains What REALLY Happened

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Canelo Alvarez defeated Billy Joe Saunders after the fight was ended due to an eye injury suffered by Billy Joe Saunders. Many people are claiming he quit on the fight and it wasn’t that bad of an injury following an uppercut from Canelo Alvarez. In this video Doctor Brian Sutterer will review the fight and explain what happened during this injury sequence.


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56 Responses

  1. Viral Patel says:

    So fast ..before Saunders reaches hospital… everyone involved in his care must be watching it

  2. Raul Gutierrez says:

    Something serious definitely happened because his eye instantly turned black after that uppercut

    • Brian Morecombe says:

      I immediately saw his eye from that shot,it looked dark,straight off damage.

    • xLacix says:

      @Jaguar One time in middle school this girl was talking crazy I stood there and then I punched her in the eye and brooo.. it’s so weird how the eye can go from normal to black in seconds, when I had seen that I was like 👀 damn It didn’t even feel like I punch her that hard but my adrenaline was going so idk

      Ps. Not trying to brag just wanted to say how crazy it is that one punched, one time in the right spot can have ur shii turning colors in a matter of seconds

    • Fuck You says:

      @xLacix tremendous

    • Andrew Carl Elliott says:

      @Brewthers I wonder if the gloves were straight.

    • Kevin Cuellar says:

      He literally got his cheekbone caved in!

  3. Steve V says:

    Dude, canelo literally broke his face and Saunders still didn’t get knocked out. Respect to both these warriors.

    • The twinkle kids Ruiz 23 says:

      @Brian Robinson u are 💯 percent wrong it’s easy to indentified who can take the pain or who can’t loud mouth trash talkers should be put in their place when they loose that what they get for talking smack

    • Brian Robinson says:

      @The twinkle kids Ruiz 23 It’s called “selling the fight”. Casual..

    • The twinkle kids Ruiz 23 says:

      @Brian Robinson that is not call selling the fight that’s call copying that bald head heavyweight boxer Tyson fury he has no style that’s why he has to copy someone

    • 892965 says:

      @Amadeus Luciann what fight did you watch lol

    • Brian Robinson says:

      @The twinkle kids Ruiz 23 ok, whatever you say. His attitude of not giving a sh1t, not kissing Canelo’s arse and being a bit gobby, then Canelo saying he wanted beat him up made more people pay to watch it.
      So yeah, selling the fight..

  4. I G says:

    Whoever said he quit is a fool, he couldn’t even open his eye, he would have gotten knocked out if he continued anyways. Sucks for him but that’s life.

    • johnny maximum says:

      dude quit

    • Jorge Anibal says:

      maybe so, but he wouldn’t have been the first to fight on.

    • L Rodrigues says:

      @Tarzan jodeajane yes you are absolutely right, unless you are willing to lose an eye for the entertainment of the paying ticket holders, you need to gtfo out of boxing. We want to see teeth leave the body, eyes leave the body, brain fluid on the canvas for our entertainment #justbleed #justdie

    • L Rodrigues says:

      @Daniel Esquivel Michael bisping lost an eye for the fans, people’s champ #justbleed #FansMoreImportantThanSeeingYourWifeOrKids

    • Brian Morecombe says:

      He retired.He might retire from boxing after this.

  5. Cookazor says:

    This is why I give Tony Ferguson props for his fight against Gaethje

    • kurtis gonzales says:

      Fucking exactly!! I was actually just watching that fight the other day.

    • Lethokuhle Mbele says:

      That was a clinic, I for one praise his mentality but that fight should’ve been stopped in the , 4Th

    • JackPeach1997 - Animation says:

      Jesus Christ, true, he took some absolute bleachers.

    • JackPeach1997 - Animation says:

      @Mark L. bruh u chatting some shit like he literally just pointed out that Tony took some extremely major blows from Justin, extreme is an understatement… He didn’t discredit Justin once, if anything he just pointed out that he fucked him up.

    • Temp Mobile says:

      @Isaac Velasquez It also looked like a last stiff shot to his smashed nose and already broken orbital caused severe unbearable pain and he started flinching away, was tough to watch

  6. Mat Huff says:

    They need to get this man commentating on boxing and UFC fights immediately.

    • Wood Splitter says:

      @ZENSIBLE thank you.

    • Michael Keegan says:

      @ZENSIBLE he also ended up offering a fairly incomplete assessment as i see you’ve pointed out below

    • Michael Keegan says:

      @NeverGiveUp NeverGiveIn he gave a half assed assessment. So would you rather be wrong or do a little leg work?

    • NeverGiveUp NeverGiveIn says:

      @ZENSIBLE you have no no way of determining whether or not his career is over just from watching a video. Dunning-Kruger.

      His career may be over ir it may not be. Your expertise is not so advanced that you are able to know this without having examined the injuries yourself and reviewed all x-rays/tests.
      Dunning-Kruger is strong with this one.

    • NeverGiveUp NeverGiveIn says:

      @Michael Keegan I would rather watch a fight and have a professional provide the analysis. You can go ahead and miss the KO because you are busy reading about the bump on a fighter’s forehead. Fricking idiot.

  7. Per Gustaffsson says:

    I don’t know doc, I saw Rocky and this is normal for him. He could barely see Adrianne at the end of the fight …


    • Ty The Barber says:

      That was the 80s

    • Four-Twenty 420 says:

      @Paige Watson x – You’ve got me creasing 😂

    • Four-Twenty 420 says:

      @Paige Watson x – But Billy didn’t get fucked up… Canelo landed 3 clean punches in 8 rounds and Billy was winning in my opinion. Just unlucky that he went into a shot while trying to dodge of a man who hits like a truck… Give Billy his respect man

    • Carlos Martinez says:


    • Paige Watson x says:

      @Four-Twenty 420 Yes youre right, he gave up.

  8. Silverado HD says:

    BJS ducked into the uppercut and he was in a lot of pain he started to back up and his expression changed right away

    • Alex Palapa says:

      @Alex Rodriguez From one Alex to another, thanks for noticing that my comment is just light spirited joking. The ducking just got so obvious that it got to the point where we all knew that uppercut was coming. Saunders was basically sending hand written telegraphs to Canelo saying, “Hey Saul Canelo Rodriguez (He calls him by his full name), where did you get that pancho from your walk in? Anyways, I’m about to duck here in 2 seconds, but don’t think I forgot about the pancho. Ok, here I go ducking again.” …but for real though, it was a dive. True Story. 🏊‍♂️🤽‍♂️👀…🤦‍♂️

    • Alex Palapa says:

      @asilenth BECAUSE…SCIENCE.

    • Greatest Ever says:

      He was extremely RECKLESSSSSSS

    • Chino Peras says:

      It damn sure did…. when fighters get their shit broke it swells up fast . His corner was right to stop the fight

    • Eugenio Rodriguez says:

      Even Canelo felt that he broke his face

  9. JiveTurkey says:

    Don’t lie, when Brian’s showing the skull analysis of where he got hit you were touching your face too.

  10. Brian Sutterer MD says:

    *UPDATE VIDEO* based on new information about the injury

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