FAKE OSCAR PRANK – Pretending to be a Celebrity

FAKE OSCAR PRANK – Pretending to be a Celebrity

Have you ever imagined what it’d be like to be an Oscar winner? Me too. Welcome to the fake oscar prank. In it, I pretend to be a celebrity and walk around with a fake oscar to see how people treat me. Pretending to be famous has its perks because it turns out people treat you like a real oscar winner. You may have seen fake celebrity pranks and pretending to be famous before, but I think being a fake oscar winner is the craziest prank of these yet!

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Host: Mark David Christenson

* CREW *

Directed by: Ted Marsden, Filup Molina
Creative Producer: Filup Molina
Executive Producers: Nathan Jordan, Rory Haines
Producers: Jenni Powell, Katie LeBlanc

Edited by: Ted Marsden, Filup Molina
Shot by: Trent Barboza, Steve Clark, Harley Roque, Nick Hurley

Special Thanks to:
Worst Friends Comedy – http://youtube.com/worstfriendscomedy
Ricky Klopfenstein

Office PA: Amy Leonard
Editorial Assistant: Christine Linnell

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20 Responses

  1. Sneaky Zebra says:


  2. Graham C says:

    That was awesome, give this guy an Oscar.

  3. Raj Rajput says:

    TL;DR People are dumbasses over the most ridiculous reasons.

    P.P.S: White chicks are the sluttiest meat on the planet.

  4. thug2ryde says:

    Haha, if a regular guy did this in LA everyone would just snub him, but
    since they’re all aspiring celebrities…

  5. Jay S Menelaou says:

    This is amazing! 

  6. SANAFABICH says:

    0:49 you just got AIDS.

  7. Tudor Necula says:

    what a BOSS!

  8. georules says:

    So inspirational. You told them all a lie, so they all believe that they
    can achieve a lie as well.

  9. basintwo says:

    this guy deserves an Oscar!

  10. kodguerrero says:

    LOL The power of money… Everyone he met was either jealous/proud because
    they all want to be there or think they can! He said it right, those that
    do win are so far removed from society, they have to sneak in to integrate
    with us. Like Bill Murray

  11. RayBurger says:

    How can anyone dislike this? This is video gold, and touching. 

  12. iEmptyMelodies says:

    Footage of the girl’s party?

  13. Pan says:

    Smack someone over the head with that thing and watch them turn to gold.

  14. Christian Mijangos says:

    DUI, Grand Theft Auto, and posting the evidence on YouTube! I can’t wait
    till this video hits a million views and it ends up on the news. You are
    not too bright. 

  15. jkebab1 says:

    some meritocracy !

  16. McLovin's Toilet says:

    “Hey, can I get a pictcha wit yo Grammy”
    Proceeds to stick her ass out in a dress meant for girls 10 years younger,
    and 1/4 her size to look even dumber than she already sounded.
    That woman’s going places in life…

  17. Michael Willms says:

    This guy is a REAL entertainer, not the low class, easily replaceable,
    high-end celebrity butthole. well done random guy!

  18. Adam Neal says:

    Have you guys ever arrested an Oscar winner before? Best moment!

  19. foxarocious says:

    Amazing how people still respect what they believe over what’s actually
    happening. XD

  20. DenniTheDude says:

    inb4 he wins an Oscar for this video.