Falcon 9 First Stage Landing | From Helicopter

Falcon 9 First Stage Landing | From Helicopter

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20 Responses

  1. Мирон Александр says:

    does i landed? or this is back playing?

  2. Michael Balfour says:

    Oh wow, that is so sci-fi!

  3. HapKoT says:

    Чё за хуйня, русские есть?

  4. gemini6999 says:

    The future is here and it’s name is Elon Musk ! Jolly good show chaps.

  5. dirge the sergal says:

    why couldnt they just use parachute recovery?

  6. Monday_Gaming says:

    Someone explain to me what is happening

  7. Mauro Tamm says:

    Finally. Inseatd of constantly throwing away rockets. Even if its too risky
    to reuse due to potential damage – it can be recycled to lower costs of a
    new one.

  8. Bruce Bryant says:

    Most excellent. Congratulations !!!

  9. Young Progressive says:

    I just finished watching The Martian. This increases my confidence a little
    more that we’ll put people on Mars in my lifetime.

  10. deviija says:

    Amazing! Congrats, SpaceX! This is a huge step forward into our spacey

  11. Tomi Fowler says:


  12. zagyex says:

    Congrats from Hungary!

  13. Master Wong says:

    Not impressed. Next time try it without MechJeb.

  14. Matthew McLellan says:

    Hold up I don’t understand what happened. It looks to me all they did was
    land a rocket?

  15. SemperAugustusBubble says:

    This is the beginning of the second space race. A race of corporations and
    individuals instead of governments and military. Rock on Elon!

  16. jackrandall says:

    Congratulations everyone at SpaceX, truly impressive.

  17. earFront says:

    Very nicely done!

  18. Noah B. says:


  19. mic of orion says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant, thanx there’s hope for independent space program
    yet, who knows Mars mission might be possible with in next 15 years after

  20. Mr. Boner says:

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