Falcons vs. Eagles Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2018

Falcons vs. Eagles Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Atlanta Falcons take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season.

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100 Responses

  1. amad sow says:

    This game was way too much stressing for me

  2. Sver 19 says:

    A close game by both birds! Seahawks should learn a thing… like running the ball instead.

  3. Miguel Fernandes says:

    The Falcons play calling is trash and in the red zone all they do is Choke Choke and Choke they were the better team

  4. Dakota EarthHorn says:

    The sound of the fans whenever an Eagles play is made is nuts

  5. Chiefs Fan 32 says:

    Falcons blew a 3-0 lead.

    Yeah I shouldn’t be talking.

  6. Stankyg55 says:

    That eagles defense at the goal line tho

    • Jalil Johnson says:

      TheYoungSimba if Matt Ryan wasn’t accurate as he is how the hell Julio gonna get the ball. Relax your qb is elite in this league. Yes Julio known to get that YAC against anybody. Did he not do that against Malcolm Butler in the SB??? And that defense was good too and arguably had a better secondary than the eagles. Come on mane we all know and you know too, falcons lost to a great defense team. Shiiid blame ya oline on the 1 that couldn’t get it done. Not Matt Ryan. Yes he threw a pic that defense was in his face and on his ass.

    • Robert S Davis says:

      This is what people don’t understand about a Champions. A great team will beat you with their defense lines. A great team will beat you with their offense lines. A great team will beat you with their special teams, by extension their kicker, or punter. CB play, QB play, RB play. But a great team will never beat you with “one player,” only “good teams” do that. Good teams have good seasons. Great teams win Super bowls.

    • TheYoungSimba says:

      Jalil Johnson what do you mean how is he gonna get the ball? All he has to do is get open (which he’s very good at) and Matt Ryan makes a throw to a wide open target simple I could do that IF HES OPEN which here again Julio does a good job of. It’s not rocket science. A good qb like Russell Wilson would find a way to get out of the pocket in that situation and throw it away or at least run and try and get SOME yardage not ball up and fall down when a linemen runs in your direction only 1 play this game did I see him run, it was in the 1st qtr. Eagles defense is very good their front 7 is there main strength tho imo.

    • Donald J Trump says:

      No it’s the falcons offense in the red zone that’s the problem. Looks like they are heading back to their roots…

    • Football Is Life says:

      +12BJJohnson that’s not how football works buddy. Just because falcon’s made it to the red zone they couldn’t convert because of the Eagles defense

  7. censored name says:

    As a falcons and matt ryan fan he is superoverrated

    • Funk Masta says:

      Devin Summers yeah that MVP season Kyle Shanahan didn’t get enough credit he’s the master mind in this league. He knows about everything can find you’re weakness quick. So I am gonna give a lot of the credit too Shanahan even though they lost the super bowl. It’s a team game that’s the way it is. I’m a die hard Niners fan I’m exited myself about our team I see 8-8 9-7 for us in 2018.

    • ItsGuNNaRR says:

      the gamer and the eagles defense stepped up when needed to so yeah it’s goes both ways not just one lmao

    • Dalton Nelson says:

      He is trash. Julio Jones is the only reason the Falcons stay relevant.

    • Musa Fawundu says:

      He is overrated if you think that he is a great QB. He is underrated if you think that he is a decent QB.

    • Kenneth Bowman says:

      He’s not overrated…

  8. Well I agree with what you said, but says:

    As a patriots fan… WTF MATT?!?!? YOU HAD 5 DOWNS. FIIIIVE!

  9. Mr Handsome Bae says:

    The Falcons are like The Raptors of the NFL… they always choke in big games!

  10. theryan519 says:

    As ugly as this game was, can we take a moment to appreciate Julio Jones?

    What a god damn BEAST that man is. The only reason Atlanta was even in this game.

  11. GoLdeN TV says:

    It might not have been in bounds but that catch was dope

  12. amir ali says:

    ?…another year watching Matt Ryan….Matt Ryan is the new tony Romo he is a accident waiting to happen. A 150 million dollar accident.. ?

  13. alianzafc14 says:

    As urinating tree would say: “Only a brick wall can stop you, it’s name it’s the EAGLES.”

    • Dalton Nelson says:

      Dont get to excited you were playing the Falcons xD

    • Bigby Wolf says:

      Luke Martens’s that was one game, there are 15 more games to go??‍♂️

    • Bigby Wolf says:

      Dalton Nelson they played the professional chokers ???‍♂️

    • Oozywolf says:

      +Luke Martens’s One and done where? The Falcons are one of the hardest teams to play, it’s the opener, AND it’s without some crucial players (one of which is an MVP caliber QB). Even if the Eagles do go one and done in the Playoffs, it’s pretty stupid to suggest that from the footage and info available. That’s like guessing the Vikings would’ve had 38 points scored on them on their last game. You’d be right, but it would’ve been a pretty stupid guess. Granted I figured the Vikings D would allow the Eagles to win, as they’re terrible in open stadiums.

    • Nadelc189 says:

      Luke Martens’s just u wait until Wentz is back, it wouldn’t of been 18-12 it would’ve been 31-12

  14. Ben Weagle says:

    I don’t really care who won, but all I know is that 52 yard throw to Jones was a catch

  15. Kyra Petty says:

    Don’t blame the coach for Atlanta play calling Matt Ryan can audible anytime

  16. Big Daddy Rikka says:

    2 really good football teams.. they stalemated each other for the most part. Don’t let last night fool you, the Birds Offense is one of the best in the league, just the Falcons defense is really really good as well. These are both teams that will probably finish with 9 wins or more. The Birds didn’t even have all of there weapons either, No Wentz, No Alshon Jeffrey, no Nigel Bradham. Nick Foles looked awful. They should have given Ajayi more carries, like he should have finished with 25+ carries, Ajayi looked like a tank. That Haloti Ngata, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Barnett/Bennett D-line already looks like it’s gonna be absolutely disgusting, I can’t wait to see what they can do but this time the offense helps them a little bit.

  17. Rich Harrow says:

    SHOCKER.. Falcons Choke ??

  18. Aaron Scruggs says:

    Matt Ryan?? Worth 150 mill? I think not!!!! Fly Eagles Fly!

    • PHILLY PHREAK!!! says:

      +Ali Muhammad How you figure that dallas is licking there chops lol cmon brah dallas is a 8-8 or at best a 9-7 team! Eagles D is better and by the time the birds play Dallas, wentz and Alshon will be back! Nice try brah

    • Ali Muhammad says:

      PHILLY PHREAK!!! Eagles gonna finish 7-9 8-8 I already called this an wut I’ve seen in presason an last night from the eagles they are trash Wentz knee ain’t gonna hold up I had same exact injury it’s no joke yeah eagles gonna loose to the bucs an struggle on offense all year I can promise u that. Dallas beating the eagles with zeek an dat d they got this year. Dallas gonna look way better than week one the the eagles an falcons look after they beat the Panthers in a convincing fashion.

    • Ali Muhammad says:

      PHILLY PHREAK!!! Alshon slow as hell wetnz ain’t gonna finish the season out an he only had one good year why y’all eagles fan ignoring the fact that Wentz only had one good year when Dak got two winning years an a better Winning record than Wentz. Dak 14-2 an 9-7 Wentz 7-9 an 11-2 Dak has the upper hand on Wentz FACTS.

    • Oozywolf says:

      +Ali Muhammad Lmao stop. There’s a reason in every Fantasy draft the only Cowboys player picked up is Elliott… Giants will probably have a better record. They have a SB MVP QB (who admittedly kinda sucks), a top 1-3 WR, and a new RB that will also be a top 5 player. Cowboys are going to get dominated.

      – An Eagles fan

    • Ali Muhammad says:

      Oozywolf 2-0 cowboys after week two. 31-17 34-13 wins week one an two Rico gathers gonna make Dak job easy 6’8 Rico can’t no body stop that in the NFL watch how open the field be Sunday at the Panthers then u will worry. # football talk

  19. Philip Tziamtzis says:

    Thanks Matt Ryan, for a wonderful 8.8 fantasy points.

  20. Brock Osweiler #YouAintStoppinBrock #GOAT #SB53 says:

    Wasn’t impressed by either team at all, however the Falcons red zone offense literally hurts to watch.

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