Fall Out Boy – Church

Fall Out Boy – Church

“Church” from M A N I A, out now – stream + download the album: https://falloutboy.lnk.to/mania

Upcoming tour dates: https://falloutboy.com/tour

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If you were church
I’d get on my knees
Confess my love
I’d know where to be
My sanctuary
You’re holy to me
If you were church
I’d get on my knees

Take the pain
Make it billboard big
than swallow it for me
a Time capsule for the future
Trust me that’s what I will be
oh the things that you do
In the name of what you love
You are doomed but just enough

I love the world
But I just don’t love the way it makes me feel
Got a few more fake friends
And it’s getting hard to know what’s real
And if death is the last appointment then we’re all just sitting in the waiting room
I am just a human trying to avoid certain doom

Music video by Fall Out Boy performing Church. (C) 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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86 Responses

  1. Dimas Setyo says:

    After that goofy wilson video we got this? It’s like roller coaster of emotion

  2. Periwinkle Arts! says:

    Patrick wearing his fedora in the coffin????

  3. Periwinkle Arts! says:

    I’m not crying, you are.

  4. that swift fangirl says:

    bro i want a neon purple coffin wtf

  5. Samidoesstuff says:

    GAH THIS IS AMAZING. I got my iTunes notification last night that the album was out and freaked. I immediately listened to the whole album. Freaking amazing.

  6. steve exe ru says:

    The lyrics are kinky or is it just me

  7. Marija LouisT says:

    Whenever he says “i’d get on my knees” i can’t help but imagine unholy things and the name of the song is “Church” so i should stop…

  8. Beebo! At The Disco says:

    So like, are the llamas at church? Is that why they’re not in the video?

  9. Hyerim Park says:

    im shaking !! that chorus ! that high note ! please dont stop

    EDIT: i cant believe i forgot to mention that “whoo!” what a failure im a Fake Fan

  10. CookieCreamCrumble says:

    i’d like to request that fob perform at my funeral whilst patrick stands atop my neon coffin playing guitar.

  11. Jessxangel says:

    If you look closely, a llama is hiding in the crowd.

  12. Lovely Maria says:

    “I want a church girl, who go to church. aNd rEAD heR BiiiiiibLLLLe”

  13. AmeliaPanics says:

    guys patrick is wearing his fedora in the coffin because he hardly wears them anymore and it’s a dead trend, you’re welcome

  14. Lemon Iero says:

    “If yo were a church id get on my knees”

    A glass of *milk* anyone?

  15. luca thießen says:





  16. Mom says:

    I miss the old FOB too,but this is a fucking masterpiece

  17. Bianca Di Angelo on the TØP says:

    “If I die, Its with the fedora”

    This is literally Patrick in the video

  18. Jessxangel says:

    Theory: the trucker hat is behind everything cause it wants the fedora gone.

  19. Rhea SINGH says:

    I ain’t even Christian but all imma be screaming for the next few years will be “CHURCH”

  20. Philip's fringe says:

    when you like bussy bops but are also a good christian boi and will accept no swearing on your christian bop

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