Fall Out Boy – Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) (Audio) ft. Missy Elliott

Fall Out Boy – Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) (Audio) ft. Missy Elliott

We ain’t afraid of no ghost. Get “Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)(from the “Ghostbusters” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” ft. Missy Elliott instantly when you pre-order the ‘Ghostbusters’ soundtrack on June 23rd (out July 15th) on iTunes, Amazon, also available on Google Play.

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20 Responses

  1. Gabo.b.c alex says:

    Just no please no first song FOB that i dont like

  2. greenlantern223 says:

    No way there was actually over 25,000 people who thumbs up this video!! No
    fucking way!!

  3. arin hanson says:

    honestly if they covered the original they would get more shit. they’re
    ruining a classic? this doesn’t even sound like the original and people are
    already hating the movie, so… it’s nice for you to have opinions and all,
    but if every single comment says they hate it, is it required that there be
    more comments of the same old “this suxx”? grow the fuck up lmao

  4. Lozzie Frenzie says:

    I think everyone is overreacting a tiny bit. Okay, maybe not a tiny bit. A

  5. community tube says:

    who you going to call ……..

    my lawyers

  6. scarlet sofia says:

    i’m the only one who like it?

  7. David Beach says:

    Well, I’m afraid now.

  8. Big Daddy69 says:

    this song sucks

  9. Itchy Knee says:

    Oh dear lord. Can’t be unheard. Suicide is all i have left now.

  10. Lesley Tøps Fob Ptad Mcr says:

    Damn, so many haters here. I am dissapointed to see so much hate on a song
    that Fall Out Boy worked hard in, just to see people talk shit about it and
    how the original will always be better and stuff. Artists do covers of
    originals all the time. Fall Out Boy is a Pop Rock band. Of course this
    song will be full of rock and pop. If you don’t like this kind of music and
    genre, then fuck off.

  11. Megane Madness says:


  12. MarkStudios says:

    Shitty song for an even shittier movie…

  13. Tallyho says:

    This has had the same effect on me as Pitbull’s MIB theme. Go home Sony,
    you’re drunk.

  14. ian davis says:

    when you have to say Ray Parker Jr did something better than you, that is
    when you stop living. how did they make the upcoming movie seem any worse

  15. Eric Wang says:

    I like it, which is my opinion, and I respect others as much as I hope they
    respect mine. You can dislike it, It’s understandable for people to be
    upset, but a lot of people are acting like children here and it’s just sort
    of shitty to see.

  16. Jon Vega says:

    this is seriously disappointing, i like fob, but this is shit, actually
    this is shit if it ate taco bell with extra hot sauce and prune juice to
    drink. I have heard many WAY BETTER covers of the Ghostbusters song live
    and that shit rocked the fucking house.

  17. SPACE DEMON says:


  18. Mel Clifford says:

    honestly this isn’t good like I love fob but this isn’t good no

  19. Ecryptix ! says:

    But I am afraid

  20. turbodude555 says:

    I love Fall Out Boy….but fuck me was this awful